Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Soccer

Soccer season started up again! This league goes for 8 weeks in the fall and 8 weeks in the spring. I wasn't sure how it'd be this time around since we kinda struggled last time. It was more of the why are we doing this each Saturday but now I'm so glad we pushed through and did it! Ty LOVED the game on Saturday and did so well!! He did start crying towards the end because "I just want to make a goal but all the kids keep running and are in the way!" I was so proud of him and hope he keeps doing well. I think the new, unknown is hard for him but once he knows what it is and what to expect he enjoys it, especially when he's with other kids. 

Shaddie is a little tricky this go around!! He wants to run on the field every second or have TJ hold him the hold time so TJ is mostly coaching while holding him, haha.

My new goal is to make fondant cakes for the boys' birthdays! This was my first practice one- it was for Guy's birthday last Sunday dinner. Definitely a lot of imperfections but it was fun to learn how! You can do anything on Youtube.

We celebrated Easter with the Hendriksens a little later this year. The boys were so excited for another easter egg hunt.

KiLeigh was in town so we braved up and took 8 kids under 4 to a few stores, haha. Love spending time with my cousins but with all our kids combined, it's exhausting!! :)

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