Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pretend Birthday

Levi's preschool celebrated his summer birthday this week- he was SO excited for his "pretend birthday." It actually was perfect timing since he has a hard time with Ty's birthday coming this week. It wants it to be his so badly and July is verrrry far away. 

His current obsession is Paw Patrol, even though he's only seen like an episode or two. He wants to be Marshall the firedog when he grows up :) 

Levi's Recent Sayings:

-At speech his teacher said, "Say throw the red ball one more time" (meaning repeat throw the red ball again) and of course, he said, "Say throw the red ball one more time" :)

-Levi had colored a picture just for Molly and he was SO proud to show it to her. He ran excitedly over to her but quickly started crying, saying, "I'm SO sad Molly doesn't like it!!! She doesn't want it- she's not grabbing it. She's just running around!!"

- "MOM! You're back fromw work! I was worried about you!"

- Lately he's be saying, "Oh snap!" When I asked him where he heard it from he said he made it up.

- He's also been saying, when he's surprised, "I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!"

- One day when Ty was gone at school, he walked into my room carrying a picture of Ty. He had the saddest look on his face and said so mournfully, "Mom, I just miss Ty SO much."

- Talking to Shad, "Stop playing with me!! I am not a baby toy!!" when Shaddie was hitting him on the head. Lately Shad is into hitting and they have a hard time with that :) 

Levi was very tired and hungry after going to Uncle Joe's two hour BYU graduation :) We're so excited for these two to get married in July!! The baby of the family and the last sister to get married- yay!
We went to Joe's graduation but missed Kimberly and Patrick's that was at the exact same time. So we went out for brunch at Kneaders with Aunt Lisa, Melissa, Kimberly, Patrick, Lucia, Sheila and Kyle and Grandma and Grandpa Allen. Levi fell asleep with his head on my lap and his legs spread out over chairs- it was pretty funny. I always love spending time with those guys!

Ty played really well (the second half) of his soccer game- he kinda went crazy. He'd always want to kick the ball and he'd start running really, really far back while yelling crazy stuff so "I can kick it really, really hard!" The first half of the game was a struggle since he had a "cough and a hiccup." :) But we worked through it, ha.

TJ stayed home with Shad this past Sunday (I took him to the doctor yesterday- pneumonia and double ear infection, again!! I'm thinkin tubes are in his future...) and it was only Emily and me in Primary. Levi fell asleep during sacrament meeting and so I just carried him in and set him down like this in the Primary room. He woke up 10 min before church was over :)

Ty's Recent Sayings:

-Ty was singing I Am a Child of God and instead of singing Lead Me, Guide Me he was singing leave me alone.

- On the way from a family gathering, Ty said, "I like Aunt Jessie. And her brother. What's his name? Oh yeah, Sterling." (Jessie's boyfriend).

- He's constantly using the word speedy. "Wow, Mom, that was speedy!" "Look how speedy I run!"

- He currently is fascinated with his full name, Tyrell. At preschool, they sing this song that incorporates first names and last names. His teachers tell him lately he's been singing it using Ty as his first name and Rell as his last name :)

- He knows all of his classmates first and last names and birthdays. When he was talking about Xander he paused and said, "Xander! Xander Love! That's a perfect name for Valentine's!"

- If he doesn't want to do something, he'll say his tummy hurts or that he has a cough and a hiccup.

- Molly was biting his fingers and he grabbed her face and yelled, "Molly!! This are fingers! They are not a TREAT!!"

- He loves Lays Potato chips and when I was making his lunch for school said, "Mom, can I have a classic?" (reading the label).

- When Shad picked something up and put it away, he yelled Congratulations! to him :)

- "Mom? Jesus is the boss prophet, right?"

- I was helping him spell out a thank you card to our neighbors for helping take care of Molly for one night when we were gone. He writes so fast and quick when I call out each letter! He also used the number 4 for the word for - I was pretty impressed he understood that and thought it was cool :)

I was pretty apprehensive about kindergarten shots/5 year old well child appointment- we talked about shots beforehand and he wanted nothing to do with it. Plus getting a urine sample and vital signs... but I was actually pleasantly surprised! The UA was easy, he did perfect with vital signs, stats, and has 20/30 vision in both eyes. They use the symbols Snellen eye chart and the  nurse was so impressed he knew all the symbols. He kept calling the flag symbol, "America." :) Of course he cried with the shots but didn't fight or pull away and acted like a typical 5 year old and then forgot about it and carried on. Yay!

This is my cousin's sweet little baby girl (Janalee and Justin's). She was born at 30 weeks, unexpectedly. My heart just breaks for them and we're keeping them all in our prayers since they have a long journey ahead of them. 

Yum! He'll even give you a bite! 

Birthday crown from preschool

"Helping" me make Ty's birthday cake by licking every bowl, spoon and utensil. :)

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