Tuesday, April 14, 2015

General Conference & Mission Reunion

My parents and siblings came for General Conference this year! It was so fun having them here and having tickets to go! They flew in late Friday night and left Sunday night so it was a very quick trip. We had certain numbers of tickets for each session so we all just took turn going and watching the kids. I was amazed at all the different places to watch it, besides the conference center! It was so cool! We were able to hang out on Temple Square all Saturday with the kids. They showed it in the theaters in the North Visitors Center so we reserved the back row and just went in and out with the kids as needed and also listened to it broadcasted on the lawn. Probably the most successful conference watching with kids that I've had so far!

Watching it in the Visitor's Center Theater.

I got the opportunity to go Sunday morning- it was so awesome! Surprisingly, I had never been before!! I went to the conference center for Women's Conf. one year but that was way up high and hard to see. We were super close!! I was hoping so bad I'd be at the session that Elder Holland spoke and I lucked out!!!!

It was so cool to see the Prophet in person. TJ and my mom were both in the Saturday afternoon session where the 4 or 5 people opposed the prophet during the sustainings! It was crazy hearing their account of it and then how strong and powerful the next song was, immediately following the sustainings- We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet- pretty cool!! TJ said he's never heard it sang with such power. It was also amazing how calm and collected President Uchtdorf was when he simply told them the vote has been noted and to follow up with their stake presidents- ha!!

This past week I reread Elder Nelson's talk from the previous conference. Just reading that reminded me that they truly are seers and revelators. He spoke on sustaining the prophet- how fitting!! I love it where he said, "Our sustaining of the prophets is a personal commitment that we will do our utmost to uphold their prophetic priorities. Our sustaining is an oath-like indication that we recognize their calling as a prophet to be legitimate and binding upon us." So those people who opposed didn't even fully understand that we aren't VOTING- it's not a yes or no situation and we decide if he's a good prophet or not. Far from that. This experience made me stand a little taller when we do get the opportunity to openly raise our hand and sustain the prophet- and do so proudly that yes, I do believe.

You can see how close we were!!!

We kept trying to get a good picture but the lighting was off or they were blurry or not focused on us. This was the best we got! There was an older lady who kept giving us a hard time about using our phones! It was kinda weird actually! When it was over and we were leaving, she said, "If it isn't the phone trouble-some girls!" to Jordan and I! People are funny.

During the priesthood session, my mom and sisters and babies went shopping at City Creek. We didn't even end up buying anything but it was fun to hang out together. We ran into the Ludwigs, some dear old friends from Marana- more like family, really. It was SO good to see them!!

Since conference was on Easter Sunday, we had a big dinner and Easter Egg hunt after the last session at my grandparent's house. 

Levi and Porter

Ty was having a hard day. Him and TJ weren't feeling very good this weekend- poor guys!!

Nice, Lev

The Friday before I went to my mission reunion at the Barrett's house. I hadn't been in a while and so it was fun to see everyone!! I was the only one with more than 2 kids but luckily the boys did really well since TJ had to work late and couldn't come. Vanae Nielsen, Kristin Johnson and a few other good friends were there too with their kids. So crazy how time goes by.

What a good man, President Barrett!

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