Friday, April 3, 2015

Catch Up

This weekend is the start of Spring Break and Easter and General Conference!!! My family is flying in for it so it should be fun!!

Only $12- on sale!! Who wants him??

We started off Spring Break by going to our beloved Disney store. It's so nice that the boys understand that we're not going to buy anything- they savor just being able to look :)

Last month we were eligible to enter a contest put on by Northstar Alarm. The three winners would get the free installation of a security alarm sytem and monitoring for two years! All you had to do was write an essay stating how you'd benefit from it. I kept putting it off until finally the last day it was due. I figured I might as well write a quick somthing since it only had to be 3 paragraphs or something like that. I was so surprised when we won!!! It definitely will help with the resale value of this house next year! They presented us with the check at the UVU Autism Conference- so nice of them!!! Plus, we got to see some old friends- Gary our OT and Miss Courtney from KOTM. 

The Easter bunny had come that morning so we compromised and I let the boys wear their jammies top and not the bottoms :) 

Last month we swapped with our neighbors for date nights. TJ and I went and saw McFarland (LOVED it!!!) and after went and got Rubios. We watched March Maddness at we ate- it was awesome!

Ruth gave Ty these sunglasses- it's pretty funny because he has no idea they are girl ones and thinks he is SO cool. He said he had to take off his Nike hat while he wore them because they are so cool. 

Levi wore this beanie around his neck for 10 hours so he could carry his tiger in it. 

Cheering for U of A in the Elite Eight as they played Wisconsin again! We were so sad when they lost!!!

Ty had a field trip to the dinosaur museum! It was actually a pretty cool place! It's funny- there are certain places and situations that I say "makes the autism come out." Things like primary, friend's  house, grocery store- not a problem. You can't even tell he's autistic and blends in well with everyone else. In fact, people are surprised if the subject comes up- blow away, at times. But then there's other places where- for one reason or another- it's pretty obvious that he's autistic and we struggle. Field trips seem to bring them out and I'm not always sure why. We started off great but after a while he became scared of certain dinosaurs; there must've been certain sensory issues that set him off as well. By the time we were eating lunch and Miss Katie had him take a bite of carrot, he was over the edge. I asked him if he wanted to come home with me or go back to school and there was no question- home with mom. After that he did great and had a good rest of the day. One thing I've learned over the years is this: If you think he'll love it, he won't or will have struggles- if you think he'll hate it, he'll end up loving it. Ty Ty keeps us on our toes!

Levi kissing the turtle because "I love them so much"

Last weekend we had the Giant Steps Auction, where they raise money for the next school year. The state only gives so much and so they rely on the community to raise enough money. Ty was on a 2 year waiting list and with the money they raised last year they were able to open an additional classroom for 12 more kids- that's huge!! This program is life changing and I seriously feel so privileged that we get to benefit from it. We were so grateful to both sides of our family who each sponsored a table. It was a nice evening, with dinner served and bidding for a silent and live auction. They provided childcare and dinner and it was held at the BYU stadium. 

Ty with his buddy, Edyn. Aunt Martha and Emily were in town and got to use two of the tickets. It's so nice to have such support!!

We finally finished our downstairs bathroom! I like how it turned out even though it took quite a while since we ran into a few problems. Thanks, Guy!

Shaddie helped me get ready for my triathlon :)

I love Tues/Thurs afternoons when Levi has preschool and it's just me and Shad for a few hours. He's such a funny kid and I love having one on one time. He does so well at the gym now- he doesn't even cry and walks right in to the toys. 

Last week, Lexi, Shawnda and I went to a late night movie for a girls' night to see Cinderella. It was fun to spend time with Shawnda, one on one. I love having them close. 

Every once in a while I take these guys to Old Macdonalds for dinner. When TJ is gone most of the nights, fixing dinner for picky kids gets old. :) They think it's the greatest thing in the world. 

Ty recently decided he wants to sleep on the top bunk by himself- so far he's done great! 
Hanging out at the dentist :)

More auction pictures- they had the kids come in and sing a song for all the people attended the dinner and auction. It was really neat and they sang their "We are the dinosaurs" song- super cute. 

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