Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 Year Old Pics

- Ty -
5 year old Pictures

Can't believe my baby turns 5 next week!!!

Don't let these smiles fool you- it took A LOT to get these pics!! He had a total meltdown once we got there and it took about 15 minutes to calm him down in the other room. I was about to lose my patience and just reschedule to try again for another time. But we worked through it and the photographers were so patient. Once I convinced him to sit down in front of the camera, he refused to smile- only pouting and frowning. We were trying everything we could think of. Finally, the old "there's a smile climbing up your it's on your shoulder...oh! it's on your face!..." that my mom always used growing up, worked perfectly and we got these classic smiles. WHEW!! Worth it but exhausting!!! Good job, Ty Ty!

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Jen Perkins said...

He's such a cute kid, Tara!