Sunday, April 19, 2015


My 30th Birthday turned out to be such a great day!! I wasn't even expecting much because we had just spent an entire weekend in St. George! And seriously, the triathlon was the most fun thing I could've done for my bday- I LOVED it!!! We actually had a crazy snow storm the day before- it snowed all day long. The day before that we had a super crazy windstorm that almost blew our trampoline over the fence! But April 16th was a nice, warm-er day that melted all the snow, just for me!! :)

I celebrated by not going to the gym and getting ready for the day!! haha, that never happens since there's no point getting ready twice! Both boys had preschool so Shaddie and I had a little birthday date at Red Robin (to use my birthday coupon) and then we went shopping at Old Navy and Hobby Lobby. After getting home, Ginger came over (this all happened super spontaneous and was so fun!) with all the boys and Ruth met us at our house to take all the boys to the movies for Brock's birthday celebration. Ty and Levi were in heaven! Ginger was there so she made me leave Shad so I could go do something fun- by myself!! That's always a treat, right?? So I went and got a pedicure and afterwards TJ met up with me and we went and got Zupas together for dinner. It was so nice of Ginger and Ruth and I loved it. A perfect, carefree, kick back day. Plus, TJ didn't have school!! That's always amazing. Only one more birthday being in grad school- that's prob the BEST part of all!! :)

My very fav at Red Robin- BBQ River Whiskey burger (or something like that)- it's so good!!

I'm okay with being 30. The past few months I was freaking out a little but now it makes sense. I have a kid going into elementary school, three boys, a career and a husband in grad school- of course I'm in my thirties!! I'm excited to see what this decade will bring! Whoo hoo!! The twenties have been good to me though, can't complain :)

Shaddie LOVED the freckled lemonade!!

How crazy is this? This was on April 15th!

The night before my birthday, the boys and I went to Rubios to use another birthday coupon since TJ had school until late. They loved it!

This is TJ saying, why are you taking a picture of me?? It's your birthday!! 
Well, because my hair is quite flat and I look quite tired, even if it is my birthday!! But just to document my first day in the thirties and more importantly, how heavenly our food looks!

My best friend, Mallory, sent these in the mail!! Our birthdays are 4 days apart :)

Birthday toes! Very girly looking :)

Four boys in a tub!! I watched Lane and Wyatt (who was sleeping- otherwise we would've tried 5 boys in a tub!!) the other day. We love having cousins close by.

Levi was so excited to go out and play in the snow. He was out there for quite a long time!!

(Don't mind the trash in the background... ) LOVE this baby boy's little smile!!

You can see our neighbor's trampoline that crashed onto our other neighbor's fence from the windstorm the day before this snow- sign of the times!!! I'm convinced!! I ran out and physically pulled down our tramp from blowing over the fence- it was crazy with winds at 65 mph.

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