Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Derek's Homecoming!


Elder Wengert flew into the Tucson Airport on Wednesday March 11th, after serving two years in the Argentina Mendoza Mission (March 2013- March 2015). We were so excited to have him back!!! It's pretty neat that we've kept this tradition going and each year have more people to add to the line up. This is homecoming #5 and so far each of us siblings have served.

Three (almost) 1 year olds!!! 

Melts my heart!

Devin's face after he called Sterling (Jessie's boyfriend) Kade (the old boyfriend)- haha!

Shaddie didn't like being squished in a hug

Watching and waiting for him by watching the TV screen- our favorite part!!!

Meeting the babies for the first time!!

Eating at a way good Mexican restaurant on the South side of Tucson. Levi just couldn't stay awake anymore :) Daylight savings and traveling is rough on 3 1/2  year olds.

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