Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dad's Field Trip

TJ's grad program sponsors a free family day at the aquarium every year. It's actually pretty cool because they serve lunch to us all in a private area where the shark tank is. The boys were in heaven and we also got to watch them feed. Pretty cool! Since we were going on an outing for TJ's school the boys were so excited to call it Dad's Field Trip, haha. Makes sense, right?

Almost 14 months- I cannot EVEN imagine getting ready to have a newborn right now. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. It's a good thing I'm starting to only remember the good times now when Ty and Levi were babies. ;)

Levi loves turtles and penguins- he was in heaven.  

For about 3 weeks, the boys worked super hard on their job charts to be able to fill it up with stickers to earn a night to Disney on Ice with Parker. They were soooooo excited and it was good for them to work towards something. Ginger and I met up, took the boys to get dinner before together and then to the arena. They were mesmerized. It's fun doing things with cousins and making memories while we live so close.

They couldn't turn their heads away for just a second to take a picture :)


TJ kept sending me these pics when I was at a Family History workshop put on by our stake last Saturday morning. It was very hard not to laugh out loud :)

I love the pictures TJ sends me when I'm at work. It always seems like the shifts I have to work are all clustered together and it makes it a little tough. But we made it through somehow- yay!!

I put Shad down for a nap and took one too since I had worked and came down to find this. They were very proud of their snack they made for themselves!

They didn't last long after sitting down to read books...

Levi said this was his "girl face"

Ty's teacher from school texted me this that said, 
"Guess who just took THREE bites of pizza without any tears??? THIS KID!"
It was awesome!

It's been about a month that I've been in Primary now and whew! Crazy how much a calling can quickly be such a part of your life! I went around to all the classes today to take pictures and took this one of Levi and his friends :) I seriously am loving Primary, even though it's a lot of work! But I'm so grateful and amazed and lucky at what an awesome presidency I'm in!! I love these women so much already- we work so well together and are all pretty similar, which is nice since we spend so much time together!! We have 3+ hour presidency meetings weekly but it's seems necessary since having 180+ kids in our primary! 
I'm so glad to be with such a hard core president- she's amazing and truly goes above and beyond yet not over the top. She takes her calling seriously and I've already felt glimpses back to my missionary days with the visits we've gone on, knocking on the door side by side Karas (with kids in the van- a little different than missionary days :) picking kids up for church, baptisms, texting others to arrange rides/visits, etc. And the same joy as being on the mission- last week two of the kids came to church after we had visited them earlier in the week- Garret and Kaleb!! It was awesome! I picked up Kaleb and took him with me to the stake baptisms and he was a perfect angel. The next day he came to church and sat in the back with Emily to help pass out roles/be in charge. :)  I love having those service/missionary/doing good feelings and am starting to love these kids and am getting names down. It's so fun seeing my wolf cub scout boys too- I miss them!! Whenever I see them on Sundays they run up and give me hugs while punching me in the arm and teasing Shaddie or whatever. Cayden will be getting his wolf next pack meeting!! Yay! We worked so hard to get that! Anyways, there definitely is true joy in serving and it doesn't take long for it to come :)

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