Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Sunday

With General Conference (yay!!! can't wait!!) being on actual Easter, this week kinda seemed like Easter Sunday in our ward. That meant trying to get an actual picture of all three boys in their matching easter ties. 
(These six are all that was left out of the 73 pictures I took, ha.)

Happy Easter!!

Ty- almost 5 years old
Levi- 3 1/2 years old
Shad- 14 months old

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter Eggs

Our weekdays and weeknights are pretty full and scheduled out except for Mondays (Ty's day off from school) so that's always our fun day. The boys saw the easter egg dying kits I had bought and just couldn't wait any longer. Everything takes "for long time", according to Levi. Anyways, for an early family night activity we decorated eggs during Shad's nap. They were in heaven and we only had one spill! Not too bad!

Ty- almost 5 years old 
Levi- 3 1/2 years old

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Derek's Homecoming!


Elder Wengert flew into the Tucson Airport on Wednesday March 11th, after serving two years in the Argentina Mendoza Mission (March 2013- March 2015). We were so excited to have him back!!! It's pretty neat that we've kept this tradition going and each year have more people to add to the line up. This is homecoming #5 and so far each of us siblings have served.

Three (almost) 1 year olds!!! 

Melts my heart!

Devin's face after he called Sterling (Jessie's boyfriend) Kade (the old boyfriend)- haha!

Shaddie didn't like being squished in a hug

Watching and waiting for him by watching the TV screen- our favorite part!!!

Meeting the babies for the first time!!

Eating at a way good Mexican restaurant on the South side of Tucson. Levi just couldn't stay awake anymore :) Daylight savings and traveling is rough on 3 1/2  year olds.

Arizona Trip for Dery!

While in AZ, we went to lots of softball games and a track meet. I love watching my siblings games, especially when they are home games since it brings back so many memories. Jordan, Janae and Tanner were my kids' age when they were watching my games and meets- so crazy!

This lady gave the boys tiger tails and Levi kept asking, "Mom, will you put this in my bum bum please?"

My siblings and spouses went to the temple Friday night together and then out to eat while Mom watched the 5 kids under five- it was awesome!

Janae getting ready to high jump- it was so fun being at an MHS track meet. Nae decided not to play softball and to try something new- I'm so proud of her for doing what she really wanted and not caring about what others think. 

How beautiful is the AZ night sky??? The weather was PERFECT while we were down there. I had to dig out shorts for all of us since I haven't gotten them out since it's been cold still in Utah. But seriously, gorgeous weather.

Derek didn't get set apart until 7 pm so he got to go to the track meet as a missionary :) Everyone definitely recognized him and kept saying, "You're back!!"

Jordan pitching

Jessie brought home her boyfriend, Sterling. Super nice guy!

One day we went to the Tucson Children's Museum and Eegees- the kids love it...and the grown ups too :)

14.5 months old

Devin spent like 30 minutes building Beau a "car" out of these wooden pieces. It was really funny when it kept falling apart :)

Almost 14 months 

Almost 1 year old!!


These boys were Jordy's personal cheering section. The entire game they yelled, "GO JORDY!! THROW THE BALL! YOU CAN DO IT! I LOVE YOU JORDY!" Everyone got a kick out of it. And obviously, I didn't fight the clothes battle that morning and let them wear whatever they wanted. That's why Ty is wearing Levi's Paw Patrol clearance shirt and too small shorts and Levi doesn't match, hehe.

The boys and I left on Monday March 9th and drove to Vegas to sleep over at a hotel. We took Molly because I didn't know what else to do with her and my parent's property is a dog's paradise. She did great on the drive and curled up and went right to sleep (after Ty had a meltdown because there wasn't any kid shows on, ugh- guess that's Vegas for you). However, she decided she was happy and ready to go when she started licking everyone's faces at 4:30 am and woke EVERYONE up. I thought twice about leaving her as the hotel's mascot. But we got an early start and beat traffic and made it to Marana by 1 pm.

We woke up and drove the rest of they way. They boys did really well each day and it's definitely worth it to break it into two days when I'm driving by myself. I just kept reaching back and feeding Shad whatever I had- he was one giant sticky mess by the time we got there. I kept getting sleepy too so I had to pull over and run around- hate that. Plus, Devin and I are still on our no-soda kick (from Jan. 1 to May 3,,,and we're betting $500!) so that doesn't help either. But we made it and were so happy to be out of the car!! TJ flew in Friday morning and then we all drove straight through the 12 hour torture the next Monday. Someday I hope to live closer!! The older boys did really's just Shaddie!! It always seems the last two hours are the worst of all. This time Shad wouldn't stop screaming and then started puking can only imagine how happy we were to pull in to our house at 11:30 pm!!

Even though we had a $25 pet fee for Molly (even though didn't mention that and Molly's fee was the same as our room fee!!) we got 4 meal vouchers for Denny's!! Whoo hoo!

Another of Nae's high jumps

TJ collecting Alpaca manure for his new "business venture." I'll believe it when I see the $$$$ :)

Swimming in March in your underwear- doesn't get any better than that!!

You can see Ty as he dunks his head under water...still a little cold for March, haha.

At Derek's Open House, we watched U of A play their first March Madness game in style! 

I gave Shad one little chocolate I found to keep him busy....

And the messy just kept getting messier!

The day after we got home, it was St. Patrick's Day!

Both boys were so surprised after school to tell me a leprechaun had snuck into their classrooms and messed it all up! They thought it was so silly and both told me all about them- how they like money (pot of gold) and are "little tiny green guys". Ty was very proud of his leprechaun hat he made.