Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why I Blog

I came across this quote the other day and I loved it because it perfectly describes the reason why I blog. 

"Let us continue on in this important work of recording the things we do, the things we say, the things we think, to be in accordance with the instructions of the Lord. Our stories should be written now while they are fresh and while the true details are available. Those who keep [records] are more likely to keep the Lord in remembrance in their daily lives. [Records] are a way of counting our blessing and of leaving and inventory of these blessing for our posterity. Begin today and write...your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies. I promise you that if you will keep...records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to you, each other, your children, your grand-children, and others throughout the generations."
                                                                                                                          -President Spencer W. Kimball

Levi's Recent Sayings:

- I blew a bubble with my gum and Levi saw and stared at me with his mouth hanging open before he said, "Whoa!! That's amazing, Mommy! How'd you do that??"

-We were driving to a baby blessing and I was explaining to the boys why and what it is. Levi stopped to think about it and then said, "Oh. I don't have a blessing cause I'm a big boy. Blessings are only for babies. I ate lots and lots and lots of bottles and then I grow really, really, really (he kept going and said the word really about ten times) BIG!"

- TJ slapped me on the bum and Levi stared at us and then said with a really funny look on his face, "Dad! Why'd you do that??"

- He replies with "easy peesy" all the time, especially when I ask how preschool was. :)

- He came home with a picture he drew at school with what he wanted to be when he grew up: a doggy. He's loving dogs lately and especially Paw Patrol, even though he's never seen an episode (we only have netflix). There was a clearance Paw Patrol t shirt at Target that I brought home from him and whenever he sees it (I hide it so he doesn't want to wear it he runs up to it, grabs it, hugs and kisses it, while shaking his hips and dancing.

- He was at speech, tossing a bean bag back and forth with his teacher and practicing words. He threw it all crazy and it went across the room. He laughed embarrassedly and said, "Oh!! That was super silly!!"

- He's decided on a Finding Nemo water party for his birthday. I was surprised Nemo beat Ninja Turtles. But now he's also convinced that I need to have an Elsa birthday party.

- I told Levi that my cousin, Lexi, invited him to go to the zoo with Shawnda's preschool class. He started jumping up and down and said, "I really, really, really like this!!! It'll be super, super AWESOME!!"

Lately, Shad is just acting more and more like a little kid and not a baby. At the library Story Time he had to sit with the kids and be apart of things. Didn't last too long but still surprised me. He's also FULL ON RUNNING now. So crazy. And still climbing everything he can- literally. His backpack has become a major part of our life- we don't go anywhere without the backpack. Instead of panicking when we forget the bottle or pacifier, it's all about the backpack. 

I should've taken a picture of this giant gift basket next to Shad so it could show how big it really is! This was donated from Kids Village for the Giant Steps auction. This past month I've been working hard delivering fliers to different companies, trying to get donations/goods donated for the huge auction that raises money for next year. I've felt it's our way of saying thank you for everything that's being done for Ty. 

There are certain times when I'm reminded that, oh yeah, Ty does have autism. His field trip to Cabelas was one of those days. And it's not like he was full out tantruming or having melt downs or anything major but the almost-normal little boy I see on most days drifted away and autistic Ty came out. His teachers prepped him really well and he'd been talking about it all week- all the animals are fake and not scary except for the fish and those aren't scary because they are behind glass walls. But it was still really difficult for him not to be afraid. There were bear sounds which growled loud, and totally freaked him out, a few giant moose heads hanging on the wall that suddenly talked- yeah, not so good. Overall, he did great but he wouldn't get near anything, was overly cautious, refused to shoot the guns, and was anxious to leave. Levi loved it and Shad was mesmerized. :) Levi often takes his place at these types of things and the staff are so good to them both. They let Ty be and just take Levi instead to shoot the gun or touch the animal. 

After the field trip we were right next to the outlet stores so we stopped at a few and then had some food at Johnny Rocket's- the boys were in heaven with their "orange french fries" and ice cream. 

Ty's Recent Sayings: 

- Ty was going potty and Levi walks in. This was their conversation: 
T- "Get out please." 
L- "Oh. Okay. How much longer?"
T- "Give me three more minutes."
L- "Oh. Okay."

-We were talking about doctors and medicine and Ty says, "yeah, we go to the doctor to get a diagnosis." Thanks, Doc McStuffins.

-He was singing the primary song I Know That My Savior Loves Me and stopped and said, "Mom, why does Jesus have tears on his face?" and so we talked about happy tears, blessings and what that means. Then Ty said, "Oh and then Jesus blesses the kids. They are little, like little babies. Some can't talk, just like the Little Mermaid."

- I was asking him how his day was when he got off the bus. He said, "Good but I was a little bit afraid at lunch time." I asked him how come. He said, "I was afraid of my food." Oh yes, so true- coming from the kid who's been in food therapy for 3 years. :)

- Levi was holding his smoothie and walked into the living room to show Ty. 
L- "Look Ty, a shake!" (what they call smoothies)
T- "Go eat it in the kitchen please."

- This was a conversation I overheard in the back of the van:
L- "I have a Ben in my class."
T- "I have a Ben in my class too!!!!"
L- "Wow!"
T- "Yeah."
L- "How big is your Ben?"
T- "He's kinda big. How big is yours?"
L- "He's little."
T- "Oh. My Ben can't talk."
L- "Oh. My Ben can."
T- "But my Ben can speak a little bit of Spanish!!"
L- "Ohh!! My Ben can't."
T- "My Ben's favorite song is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!"
L- "Oh. I not know my Ben's favorite song."
T- "That's okay."

- Ty asked me, "Mom, how do babies come out?" As I struggled to answer truthfully but appropriately, he said, "Oh, so they come out of a zipper?" Yes, son, basically. :)

TJ recently got his profit sharing earnings for the year! Obviously, we just use that to get through school but it was a nice little treat. I really wanted to get a piano and so thought we'd use some of that money. Well, I watched KSL like a hawk and found an awesome deal for $200!! Since it was such a bargain we paid a piano mover to move it down to our house here from Salt Lake. It was so worth it- they made it all so easy. It was great and I'm excited to have a piano in the house again. I'm planning on starting Ty in the fall since I think it'll be very beneficial and good for his little autistic brain. 

I've always had a bunch of T shirts that I've held onto for years because I just couldn't throw them away. All of them hold some meaning from something I did in high school or college and I came across a good blog that showed a fairly easy T shirt quilt. So that's one of my current projects. I like it because each piece represents something significant in my life :)

TJ sent that picture of Shad sleeping one night when I was at work- he looks so big there!! He loves sleeping in our bed with us... ugh. A tiny part of me loves it though because he's just a snuggler. Ever since I was little I've slept with a teddy bear. Well, he's my big teddy bear and we just fit together so well every night :)

Last Friday night we had a movie night with popcorn and The Lion King. It was so fun! So simple yet the kids loved it. It was funny because they were so glued to the TV- they hadn't seen it before and it was brand new to them! Ha so funny. Now their childhood can be complete- everyone needs Hakuna Matata in it. 

Came across this picture and had to laugh at Patten hiding in the background. Oh the good old days when we could wear whatever scrubs we wanted. 

Ty did perfect at the dentist's office. And his teeth look great too. I'm always worried about cavities. 

The other day I had worked the night before, Shad was sleeping and I didn't want Levi to keep watching TV. So Levi and I had a snuggling party while eating pomegranate seeds and talking. It was just a moment that I wanted to remember. Soon we both had fallen asleep and I woke up to Shad crying . He didn't sleep as long as I thought he should so I grabbed his sippy and brought him into bed with me and Lev and, miraculously, he fell back asleep! Of course, I was too awake and couldn't fall back asleep but it was so nice snuggling with my babies and taking time to just be with them. :) I hate selfies of me but I took one of them sleeping just to remember the moment. 

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