Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I love how every holiday is such a big deal with kids. It just makes life fun. I love holidays to begin with and then you add in the kids'- it's awesome. I love finding holiday shirts on clearance that the boys can wear to school. They have so much fun with it. Ty was so excited to take his Avenger valentines and Levi was so happy with his Ninja Turtle ones. Both have fun little class parties to go to. I was impressed with both boys and their writing levels. Ty wrote every single name while I spelled it out loud. Levi was able to write his whole name except he struggles with the lower case e. Pretty good and definitely a lot of progress from last year! Lev had to had a faux hawk because "Pepper is my Valentine and she likes them!"

Thank you for a super easy homemade Valentine!!

The boys (all 4) got to wake up to a little Valentines day surprise. Our new tradition- donuts for breakfast!

Shad's still falling and getting hurt a lot. Lately he's into climbing. This nice bump is from Ty holding him and tripping. They landed on the edge of the wood on the stairs :(

The last few weeks Levi has been going to a Story Time weekly activity at the AF Library with Shawnda and Lane. They read 2 books, have an activity and craft. It's cute and Levi loves going with his cousins. 

 I dropped Shawda off at preschool on the day of Valentine's Day parties and she just looked so cute! They were proud of their outfits so we took a picture. I told them to kiss and they did- I was surprised!! haha

 Can't even remember what was so funny but Ty was laughing like crazy. He thought he was cool to put his hand in his pocket. 

At Ty's Valentine's class party- shooting an arrow at the heart like Cupid. 

Levi loves class parties and field trips because that means he gets to go. Ty likes to show him everything about the classroom, especially the calendar. 

I sent these to Jordan and Janae, haha. Funny little $1 clearance onesie from Old Navy. :) 

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