Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Temple Sealing

On Valentine's Day, Dimitri was sealed to Mandie and Adam since it's been 6 months since they've adopted him. He was also blessed the next day. Curtiss' grandpa did the sealing. It was pretty neat!! I had never been to a sealing like that before so I really enjoyed being there. Afterwards was a big luncheon at their house. Better pictures will come from the professional photographer but I thought these pictures were cute. All 11 grandsons were there- so crazy!!! Vannessa flew in from Florida to be there which I thought was pretty cool. We missed having Tatum and Blake there though. We need some girl in the middle of all that!!
Vannessa was so good to these boys while she was here. She had them sleep over Sunday night and kept them all day Monday and did lots of fun things. It worked out perfect since I was day on call- and didn't get called in so it was a nice day with just Shaddie (who took a 3 hour nap too!). 

It was a crazy, busy Saturday at the temple!! I couldn't believe the line to even get in! It was also a celebrity Mormon weekend. I smiled at Linda K. Burton (Gen. RS Pres) coming out with her husband and met Al Fox (the tattooed mormon) in Mandie's ward! My mom met Albert from 17 Miracles and had him come speak to her seminary class the next day! haha.

I was cleaning out emails and found these old pictures from our Temple Square outing and Parker's 3rd birthday :)

While Ginger and Vannessa took these boys to the park for a picnic, Ginger told me Ty was asking what the fire hydrant was. She explained how firemen use it and there's lots of water inside to put out fires. The other boys came over and Ty turned to Ginger and said, "WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!! DON'T open that!! There's LOTS and LOTS of water that will come out!!!" She said it was pretty funny and he was quite dramatic.
Levi helping with laundry and trying to entertain Shaddie at the fabric store- he's getting so bad at stores!! He just wants to run away!! Fast and far away!!

We just finished up a 3 week session of swimming lessons. Shaddie did awesome!! By the last week I'd set him down on the ground when it was his turn and he'd run towards Miss Mindy, excited to get into the water. I was amazed how fast he'd turn to his back. He learned really fast and hardly cried after the first week. I wasn't sure if it'd be worth it but I think it was. It's definitely a lot of work getting 3 boys out the door at 7:20 am with warm clothes over swimsuits and change of clothes and towels to get across town. I'm excited Pam offered us a once a week spot for as long as we want it!

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