Thursday, February 5, 2015


Just random pictures of the last month or so:

Shaddie loves Costco goodies!

The last few months, Ty has realized what his full name is and likes to use it. He writes in on all the things he makes at school- pretty cute.

Nice outfits!! The boys wanted Cafe Rio so bad so I told them if they were good at someplace (I can't remember where) we could go- you would've thought it was Christmas all over again. That's one place all of us will miss big time when we eventually move from Utah.

Ty's recent sayings:

Ty asked what does children mean. I said it's like kids, you guys (pointing to them). He said, "Oh! Like sons or honey bunnies?!" Somehow they all got the nickname of honey bunnies from these little graham cracker snacks in the shape of a bunny and it's so funny he equates that as a title referring to himself. :)

When we were snuggling in bed, my hair was wet. They both said my hair smelled so I asked them what it smelled like. Levi said "marshmallows" and Ty said, "It smells like actually, Christmas trees." 

The boys often bring up the topic of having a baby sister. It's really funny to me. It came up after school one day and I asked Ty what he wanted to name her if we ever had one. He said, "how about our sister can be named Ballerina?"

This was a conversation between the two boys in the back of the car as I was driving. They were as serious as if they were having a deeply, intense, thought-provoking conversation:
Ty: "My school is in Sawa-terwa Spings (Saratoga Springs)."
Levi: "Oh. That's a silly name."
Ty: "Yeah. Look around at it."
Levi: "Oh."
Ty: "It's right next to Utah."
Levi: "Oh."
Each time Levi said 'oh' it was as if Ty was teaching him the secrets of the earth. It was pretty amusing.

Ty was singing in the back seat and I could tell the tune of it was the Peanut Butter and Jelly song. Ty had the words slightly mixed up:
"First you take the blueberries and you squash em, you squash em. Peanut butter and jello." 

Miss Ann, one of his teachers as school, told me they were working one day and she held up a picture of a stool and asked Ty what he was. He paused and thought about it and then finally said in an unsure voice, "a funny chair??" She said she couldn't stop laughing about it. 

 Shad started swimming lessons!! I was there anyways with Ty and Levi and got a free week for one of them so thought we might as well take advantage of the time we have here in Utah with these awesome swim teachers and start Shad. I've been amazed and how fast babies learn!! After one week of lessons (he's doing a three week session) he already knew as soon as his head goes underwater he immediately turns to his back, to where the air is. He hardly cries- Pam says his age is age to start them at- it's much easier than when they are older. It's so cute to watch and I love seeing my boys swim!! 
Ty and Lev are doing well also. I think Ty will be swimming independently this year. Blows my mind with how far he's come in regards to water. I grew up in the water and it makes my heart burst seeing them loving the water and actually swimming in it. Totally worth it to me even if it is a big deal to get them all there at 7:50 am clear across town in Orem/Provo area before Ty's school. It makes Ty miss the bus and so I have to drive him all the way to Saratoga Springs to school and Shad always falls asleep on the way so that makes him miss his good, solid, two hour nap at home. But, again, totally worth it to me!

This boy is getting to be tricky at places like Levi's speech, the mall, church and scout/church meetings!! He runs everywhere and gets into everything!! ;)

Levi loves gum and is always asking me for it. He's very good with it and never takes it out or plays with it and I haven't found it stuck anywhere. It took several times though for him to remember to not swallow it but throw it away :)

Levi's Recent Sayings:

"Oh WOW!!! You AMAZING mommy!!!"
"Shaddie will just LOVE it!"
(Both of these said with much enthusiasm!! More than what our quiet, reserved Levi normally does) 

I was cleaning up the kitchen when I looked over to see Ty helping Levi say the prayer with Levi repeating everything Ty is tell him in his ear. I was surprised because I hadn't told them to bless their food- they totally did it on their own! This was the gist of the prayer:
"Heavenly Father, thank you for Elder Christofferson (the apostle we are learning for the week, that hangs on the wall), help us to have a baby sister (what???! where did that come from???), thank you for robots, thank you that we can go to school..... 
I didn't hear the rest because they were talking pretty quiet but I thought it was so funny and cute and reassuring that maybe they are learning a few things we try so hard to teach them!!

Two weeks ago we weaned Shad from his bottle to a sippy!!! It definitely took some effort and he refused it for a good 6 hours and was pretty hungry for his milk but finally gave in. This was the picture I took in the Golds Gym parking lot when he finally took it!!! Another miracle picture!!! It's made things so much better!! My boys become obsessed with their bottle by this age and need it constantly and like to use it as a pacifier. I always just do cold turkey and it's rough but so much better. So nice not having bottles!! But another reason why my baby is so big!

Levi loves his clearance bath robe he uses for swimming. "Mommy, I just LOVE it." :) 

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