Thursday, February 5, 2015

January catch up

 One of the very best side effects of serving a mission are the lifelong friends you make. A reason why I enjoy living in Utah is being so close to so many companions and friends from the mish. Last week Kristin and Trina came over with their husbands and kids for Sunday dinner. So easy to pick up right where we left off and talk the night away. :) Our husbands get along so well too- it's pretty neat.

We were in a trio for a transfer- SO fun!


 Just ignore my insanely huge arms.... let's just blame it on the way I'm standing.

Trina has Sophie- 3 1/2 and Miley- 18 months
Kristin has Lilly who is 19 months.
(Ty was NOT up for pictures that night- 1 pm church is rough!)

Lilly had Shad's sippy- Levi was not okay with that.

Finally he decided that was enough :)

Levi loves playing in the pretend play box- that's what we call the dress up box at our house since that would just be too girly.  

TJ got nominated for Leader of the Year award at work! We got to go to this fancy dinner where he was presented with an award and a prize. It's a pretty big honor to be given this one and I was super proud of him. Everytime I go to a USANA event people have so many good things to say about him. :)

Shad drinking out of Molly's bowl- guess he was thirsty?? 

Levi has a new obsession with ninja turtles- he still loves his superheroes but just with a little turtle added in there. 

In the beginning of February I got a call to meet with one of the members of the bishopric. TJ kept teasing me about a new calling but I didn't believe him since I have only been the Wolf Den Leader in Cub Scouts for 6 months. Well, I was wrong- 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency! I was pretty surprised but now so grateful for the experience I had in cub scouts since I'm still over scouting. I think I'd be way overwhelmed if I didn't already understand the scouting program. Plus, I go into an existing presidency and all the women are awesome! I excited to serve with them and get to know them better. 

Since TJ teaches Elders Quorum three out of the four Sundays, we juggle Shaddie between us and are seriously counting down to July 21, 2015 (nursery age!!), ha. Too bad our ward has three nurseries- there's no sneaking him in early! ;) 

My first Sunday in Primary he fell asleep on my lap during sharing time! Everyone couldn't believe it. 1 pm church is rough for this little guy!

Anytime I'm 1:1 with one of the boys, we call it a date and they are on cloud nine because of the attention and the "special thing" they get to pick out that makes it a date. 
Last Saturday Levi and I went to Target and he got to pick out two ninja turtle things from clearance- he was soooo excited. He's also obsessed with the cheese pizza from Target so that was an important part of our date. It's cute to hear the boys talk about the dates they go on with mom and dad. It's also funny because they both think the only way we can buy something is if it's "on sale" or I have a "coupon" or if it's on "clearance."All the time they ask if it's on clearance and when I say no they say, "Darn! It's too much moneys then!" (moneys is always plural) and the matter is over. There is no possible way we can ever buy it. Haha, I love it since we rarely have tears from wanting everything in the store.

A text I got from TJ when I was working. 

This picture may seem normal but it's actually a miracle picture. All 5 of us are sitting down eating dinner at the same time and (almost- not Ty) all eating the same thing. That's the one thing that's a daily autism struggle is eating- rarely does Ty eat what we eat and at the same time. But this was pretty close to it- I can think of ONE other time in (almost) 5 years this happened so that's why it's a big deal. :)

Me and Molly's favorite time of the day- night time when the boys are all asleep and we relax and read and catch up on stuff! 

Shaddie got such a kick out of these sunglasses while we were in line at Old Navy. He was literally cracking up. I'm amazed over and over again at how much he's a little boy and understanding things and knows what's going on. 
On 2/3/15 Shad said "Ty Ty" as clear as can be and knew who he was talking about! It was adorable and Ty couldn't stop cracking up laughing. Shad can now say Mama, Dada and yeah. 

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