Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Birthday Baby

Today this little baby turned ONE!

I felt bad taking him to get his shots on his actual birthday but I have been counting down the days until he can get his MMR. This whole measles outbreak has made me so mad and working in the ER makes me especially worried. So I can now sleep better at night knowing he finally is immunized against it!! Yay! He's a champ though and never is fussy or even needs meds after getting his shots. He's one tough baby!

12 month stats:

Weight: 20 lbs, 8 oz - 37th percentile
Length: 29.25 inches - 27th percentile
Head Circ: 47.54 cm - 87th percentile

Still have a small baby with a big head! :) 

At one years old, our Shaddie is what our family revolves around. He keeps us laughing and all of us talking in baby-talk-voices. He eats like a champ and doesn't have many likes or dislikes- just wants more of everything. It seems like he has a 6th sense and always knows when you're eating and yelling because he needs some in his mouth now! He has 8 teeth that I can see- the four top and bottom- but who knows, he's not very cooperative in letting you look around inside his little mouth. It's so funny- all his teeth are crooked and spaced far apart. Hopefully this means his adult teeth will come in perfectly and no braces since we're getting them out of the way now. ;)
He rarely crawls anymore but if he does, it's still stink bug style. He cruises around everywhere and is actually already pretty fast. He still looks a little bow-legged, old-man-like when he walks- it's quite amusing. He can turn around quickly and also can run but it doesn't last too long since he can't keep up with himself and falls soon after. 
His hair grows like crazy and it's still a light brown with some blonde parts in it. Lighter than Ty's was but darker than Levi's. The top part is kinda poofy and sticks up unless I put gel in it or he weras a hat. He has deep, dark brown, almost-black eyes that are big and wide and expressionate. Still has big, chubby cheeks but no dimples like the other boys. 
Shad can really only say one word, "da da" but imitates every once in a while. I'm using sign with him but so far he can't sign anything himself. I can tell he understands the meanings but hasn't connected it with his hands yet. He claps frequently and only a few times has waved hi or bye. 
Currently, he's the worst sleeper in the world. He wants to snuggle with me in bed all night long. After his family birthday celebration we will be back to sleep training. I do love cuddling him though- he's the best teddy bear I could ever have! He takes awesome naps though- sometimes taking up to 3 hours in the morning. He usually takes a 2 hour one in the morning and about an hour and a half in the afternoon. But he rarely gets the afternoon one in his own bed since we're always out and about. He's learned to take naps whenever he can get one since he's bottom of the totem pole!
Shaddie is still pretty mellow and along-for-the-ride but also has some feisty streaks in him. I'm curious to continue to watch his personality come out. He is still such a cuddler, even when it's during the day. He loves to just sit on your lap and snuggle into you after waking up from a good nap.
He's definitely a momma's boy but is very excited to see TJ whenever he comes home since he's gone a lot. He has separation anxiety but it's not as bad as Levi's was. He does great at the gym kidcare as long as he's distracted or hasn't been too long or too tired/hungry. He's obsessed with his bottle and will carry it around between his teeth while walking, hands free. I'm so anxious to wean him off of that thing!! He uses it as a pacifier and will just suck, even after the milk's gone. The air/gas doesn't seem to have an effect?? Anyways, weaning to a sippy isn't going to be fun at all since he has zero interest and likes to throw the sippy in protest. 
He doesn't care about any particular show on TV or seem to have an interest in anything specific. He's content to do what his brothers do. 
My mom still think he looks just like I did as a baby. My Grandpa Allen still calls him Little Clayton because he thinks he looks just like my dad. Growing up people always commented on how much I look like my dad so I guess it fits! 
So far, no signs of autism that I can see. Either way, I'm prepared, so whatever happens so be it. I just want to jump on it as soon as possible if so. He's perfect to me :) But I can't help but think of that 2-18% chance... I think about it daily. But I know things happen for the best and try to just have faith to move forward, one day at a time!!

Just a normal day today, nothing too special...except his cool birthday shirt!!

Shaddie did get Costco cheese pizza and frozen yogurt to celebrate though!

Climbing up everything! Without shoes and socks, he can climb up the entire slide to the top bunk! TJ found him sitting there so proudly a few days ago!! Crazy kid!

15 minutes before the scouts were coming over for den meeting, we had a quick little birthday celebration. I always say a cake is a must on your actual birthday day!

The boys were so excited to sing Happy Birthday to "our birthday baby" and to open his presents for him. I found an awesome deal on this basketball hoop thingy that every little boy needs to have to learn to shoot. I remember my brothers having it even. I didn't want to just bring home a present out of the blue so I wrapped it up and used it as Shad's present. He has no idea so I thought it works. :) The older boys were so excited, of course. 

I felt so bad- yesterday he was SO fussy and just not acting himself. I seriously could not figure out what was wrong and it was the longest day. That night as I was reading to the boys and Shad was being fussy and walking around with his bottle between his teeth, I realized the volume of his milk hadn't gone down at all. In fact, I hadn't refilled his bottle up since last night!! Somehow the nipple must've been clogged or something and he hadn't drank any milk for 24 hours!!!! No wonder he was fussy and not himself!! Poor baby!!! Am I the best mom ever?? Who doesn't realize they haven't filled up the bottle all day? I was wondering why he was eating so much food and just didn't seem full and didn't take hardly any naps all day! I finally just thought he was teething but nope- he was starving!!

Two other little hand-me-down toys that I wrapped up for his present too :)

Obviously, he loved his birthday cupcake. I wasn't surprised at all.

He was just sad when it was gone and wanted more :)

We sure love this birthday baby!! I don't why I'm surprised but I seriously am amazed at the joy he's brought to us this past year. Just can't get enough of this baby. So glad Heavenly Father sent him to us- I feel so lucky to be his momma!

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