Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year!

On her way back up to Utah State, Jess stayed overnight with us. We always love having her here. 

The weekend of New Years, Shad decided he was totally done with crawling and has been walking around ever since! It's amazing how quick they gain skills and get better daily. He now can turn around suddenly and try to run. It's so cute seeing him toddling around everywhere along with the older boys.

Well, I guess this is my first post for 2015! Seems crazy that it's actually that year. I find myself seeing dates from 2004-ish and in my mind, it's the not that long ago- ha! 

2014 was a pretty good year for us! Highlights included:

1. Shaddie's birth, obviously, was the best thing that happened to us 
2.  Disneyland trip in September
 3. TJ completing HALF of his masters program
4. Me working less by going PRN at work
5. Jessie coming home from her mission in England
6. Mandie and Adam adopting their baby, Dimitri
7. Baby Beau being born- my FIRST niece!
8. Ty getting accepted into Giant Steps and graduating from Bridges 
9. Selling our first home and moving to Lehi- a house with a backyard!
10. Got our first dog, Molly!
11. Levi was potty trained in March- only one in diapers!

TJ and I were both talking about how much the boys have changed this year. It's been a drastic change- good change. They are older, a lot of fun and so helpful and grown up in a lot of ways. I am really enjoying it. It's been so fun to see them interact, love on, and "mother" their baby brother. I'm convinced one of the best things you can do for your child is give them a little sibling. Teaches them so much and brings out the good in them.

This next year, some of my goals include:

1. Pass the CEN examination (certified emergency nurse)
2. Loose the last 10 lbs.
3. Focus on food storage/emergency preparedness
4. NO SODA! There is a Swig next to Levi's preschool and there was a Sonic next to Ty's old school- I've never been a soda person but the past two years I've slowly changed and was actually craving it, especially one that was called Raspberry Dream- Dr. Pepper with coconut cream and raspberry puree! It really is super good! But no more! I'm done! I made a bet with Devin that neither of us can have one drop of soda from 1/1/15 to 5/3/15 (his bday). What's on the line?? $500!! Yes, this is a serious bet!!
5. Prioritize morning prayers and my scripture study. I saw a meme that hit me hard- it said something to the effect of do you check your status before praying? It said it better than that but I liked it. 
6. Get Shad sleeping through the night.
7. Do a triathlon or 10K. 
8. Continue to consistently go to the gym 4-5 times a week.

Well, be good to us 2015!! This is the big year for me- 30 is right around the corner!!! :)

Levi's preschool is awesome because there is a valet drop off lane where you just drive around to the back door and someone is there to open your door and escort your child inside to school. So that means Lev gets to come up to the front while I was waiting in line. He looks at me with these sunglasses on and says, "I'm ready to go, Mom!"

Since Ty had to be fever free for over 24 hours that meant he couldn't go to school today even though he's totally fine and back to normal. So when we dropped Levi off to school, Ty and I went on a date, even though "it was with a baby"- meaning we still had Shad with us, haha. I had some returns to do at the mall so he got to pick out a $2 shirt at Children's Place, look at the Mickey store, and get a 99 cent ice cream. He was in heaven and was skipping as he walked, haha. If only all his dates were that satisfying with a total of a whoppin $3. :) I love how much he thrives on the 1:1 attention when we're on our dates. And I like calling it a date because he's come to realize that means I'm giving him my complete attention and it's "special." Kids are awesome.

He gets so excited whenever we see this brand name, ha.

Levi always has to have a hat! He got this penguin beanie at a white elephant and has been wearing it ever since. There's been a few nights where he's even slept with it.

TJ likes to take these boys to Home Depot once a month when they have their little free craft session for kids. It's cute. He sent me these pics while Shaddie and I stayed home and rested :) 

Shad woke up from his nap the other day, happily and smiling, and looking like this!! Apparently he got a bloody nose in the middle of his two hour nap but it didn't seem to bother him! 

We've had a sickness hit this week in our house and it can never be all at once. 

It hits one. kid. at. a. time. 

This past weekend Levi had croup and missed his first Sunday of Sunbeams in Primary. Then on Tuesday, the first day back after Christmas break, Ty's teacher called to say he had a fever and wasn't feeling good. Then yesterday Shad spiked a fever and is currently having his turn. So I've had all three kids at home this week since we're having to miss preschool and such. So amazing what Tylenol does! What would we do without it?? It allowed me to run to the store for groceries and things like that that couldn't wait. So funny seeing these three boys play together while I'm at the store. Shad definitely is turning into little boy and is not a tiny baby anymore.

How Molly likes to sleep at night by the fire- it always looks like she's dead with her long tongue hanging out.

Cute little craft we did for cub scouts with duct tape, washi tape and empty cans. 

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