Monday, January 19, 2015


Shad got a real haircut for the first time last week so he can be stylin' for his birthday. Ginger had Ty and Levi spend the night but Shaddie as sick so he stayed with us. We tried to still have a date night and went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse but there was a 60 minute wait. So we walked across the street to have Shaddie's birthday haircut, shopped at Kid to Kid and came back with 5 minutes left to spare- perfect! We ate good and Shaddie did fine! The next morning Ruth watched Shad while we did a bunch of temple sealings and then out to lunch at Applebees. So it ended up being a great date weekend even with Shad sick. 

After we did the sealings, the sealer asked TJ and I if we'd stay back so he could talk to us. He said "there was definitely something going on today" and some very special spirits. He also looked me in the eye and said, "I promise you that someday every single one of these names that you do work for will come to you and thank you for your service." It was pretty cool!!

Ruth's bday was on the 12th so we stopped by her work with lunch, flowers and a little gift. The boys were excited- even if Lawson and Shad don't look like it in this picture :)

When Shad was sick he didn't sleep very well and so him and I slept in after the other two woke up. At our house, sleeping in means 7:30 am. These boys like to get up before 6 am very frequently. It's wonderful. Anyways, we woke up to this sight- Ty and Levi having their own version of breakfast on the floor, made up of juice boxes (only for lunches at school), marshmallows, granola bars and dry cereal. Made me laugh.

Ty is always wanting to help me and is almost past the stage of wanting to sit in the car vehicles shopping carts at stores. It's nice to have a helper finally!

Levi loved the dentist this time around!! Big improvement from the last 6 month visit. He was perfect and was quite distracted watching UP on the movie up ahead. 

Last week Levi had Parent/Teacher conferences at his school. He was so proud to show me around and said, "This is my school!" with his arms like this. :) His teacher, Miss Merrilynn, had only good things to say about him and that he behaves very well, listens and follows direction, is right on track with where he should be learning-wise and his speech doesn't seem to be much of a problem right now. She said, "Levi, you just light up the room whenever you walk in with your little smile!" She also said the way he pronounces his "L" sound is her very favorite, haha.

Cousins playing!

Ty had a field trip to the Lehi Fire Station which was fun since I see these guys every once in a while bringing patients to us in the ER. Levi is always happy for a field trip as well because he gets to tag along! I always think it's so cute how much Ty loves Mr. Nick- the only male teacher as his school. It was cute to see him cuddled up next to him listening to the firefighters teach about fire safety.  

Levi went to his first friend birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and I got to meet the infamous Pepper from Levi's preschool! She's real!! Pepper is the one he talks about all the time and says she's his favorite friend. :) He picks out what shirt to wear according to if Pepper will like it or not. The party was for another little friend from his Kids Village preschool class. It was kinda nice meeting other parents from his class since we never see each other due to the valet drop off. 

 Having a big party like this for 3 and 4 year olds was definitely a little overwhelming- they had fun but Levi couldn't even look at the camera.

It think we've all finally adjusted to having Molly around. She's fully potty trained, couch trained and is turning out to be such a good little dog! We just love her even if she drives us crazy at times chewing on things or trying to lick food off the high chair. 

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