Monday, January 26, 2015

Family B-day Party

We had a little family dinner to celebrate Shad's birthday and to let him smash his first birthday cake. We actually had a lot of people and tons of kids over- our families are getting big! But it's fun to be with everyone and appreciate their love and support of our little Shaddie. Even though I said no presents on the invitation, everyone brought one!! No one listens to me!! But it was very thoughtful and kind and I'm sure Shad loved it ;)

It's fun to have little traditions, especially since they're all boys. I always make a one-shaped cake that they can destroy. They each have worn their Birthday Boy shirt as well. 

 I hurried and put him down for a nap an hour before the party started- I was still cleaning and had to get ready. I should've taken the pics with him before the nap since he woke up right as it was starting and wasn't super smiley and people were everywhere. Oh well!

We had navajo tacos with all the toppings, including green chili and honey butter! Lexi was awesome and made a huge pot. Everyone loved it and it turned out soooo good!

Jessie and her special friend, Sterling :)

Shaddie loved what my mom got him- a little superhero riding toy. Ty and Levi loved it too- they all had to take turns and show Shad how to do it ;)

I thought this little banner was kinda fun because you could see the literal progression in age in one year side by side.

He did pretty good!

You can find anything on Amazon! Cute balloons that matched everything! And who knew the dollar store is where to go to get balloons filled with helium??

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