Thursday, January 1, 2015

Birthdays and Temple

On the Saturday after Christmas, all the Hendriksens went out to lunch at Bucca di Bepo downtown and then bundled up to brave the cold at Temple Square. Beautiful as always! The boys were much more into the nativity scene which was good. I think they are understanding more behind the presents, Santa, and reindeer. Hopefully we can keep focusing on the Savior year after year. 

TJ took the boys to McDonalds and Shaddie just thinks he's grown up that he can walk around everywhere! Right as they were leaving he fell and got this huge goose egg on his forehead. The picture doesn't even do it justice. It was raised and black/blue- looked awful! We're just beginning the stage of all the bumps and bruises from falling while walking. 

Maceys needs to make a 3 boy car now!! Shaddie wants to get in so bad so I had Ty hold him and all three squished in. Ty is really starting to become my little helper. This Christmas break has been so nice having him around. I'm always asking him to help or grab things. Him and Levi have played for HOURS together with toys. It's so funny hearing the things they pretend. It's been such a nice break!!

I've really been focusing on Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage this past 6 months. I really have felt the urge to get on it- actually a HUGE urgency. I'm not sure why but it feels good to be working on it. This is in our closet by the garage, our 72 hour kits for all of us. Right there is everything we need to survive for three days including diapers and baby gear, water, food, games to keep kids entertained, important information/documents- everything. Oh yeah!! 

Clay turned 1 on December 31st! We had a little party to celebrate. It was also Amy's bday too! He looked so cute and it was a lot of fun to get together with everyone. 

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