Saturday, December 6, 2014


We had such a good trip to AZ for Thanksgiving! We left that Tuesday before, spent the night in our risque, cheap Vegas hotel (haha! It was a $14 a night hotel/casino with ladies dancing on poles, a million slot machines and 30 stories!!) and went the rest of the way to Marana. We went to Jordan and Janae's b-ball game, Eegees, hiked Picacho, shooting guns, ran a 5K at the Marana High School Ugly Sweater Run,  LOTS of eating and of course, a flu bug went through each of us during the week, ha! Ty, Amy, Clay and Beau were the only ones not hit with it. :)

It was such a great trip and we brought Molly home too! She did so well on the drive home- the two older boys did too. We had to go straight through since I had an orthodontist appointment on Monday morning (Tanner had one too incidentally so we went together! haha! We had a little date at Einstein bagel before I dropped him off at school- it was fun!). Shaddie is difficult but with only one hard kid the drive wasn't as bad as I was dreading it to be. So it was a great holiday! Next time we go home it'll be March for Derek's homecoming!!!

Ty asked Jessie to help him make signs for Jordan and Janae's game. He was so funny standing up, holding them, yelling, "Go Jordy! Go Nae Nae!!"

My mom spoils them rotten and always has a new little toy for them to play with and entertain them. Now Ty wakes up each day and asks Dama (what he calls my mom), "What's my surprise today?"

Babies!!! Shad- 10 months, Beau- 8 months, Clay- 11 months

It was fun doing the 5K! Jessie was 5th place overall and the first girl!!! I improved my mile time to 9:10. It was rough but felt good after!!! 

Matching ugly seaters

Jordan and Janae had bball practice so they couldn't do it but came out after.

It was pretty cool racing down the home stretch of the track that I raced on for 4 years. Brought back lots of memories. Levi was great at cheering us on!

One of my best friends growing up, Kendra Bourguet Sewell. I haven't seen her in person for years!! It was so good to talk and catch up. She has the most adorable 1 year old little girl!!

I distinctly remembered Derek hiking Picacho Peak when he was a very little kid. I thought he was 4 years old but then doubted myself while actually hiking it because I had forgotten- it's kinda a tough hike! He must've been 5 or 6 instead. But Ty did awesome overall! He went about 3/4 of the way and then was done. TJ was still feeling sick or him and Amy went back while the rest of us hurried and finished it. 

"Guys!! You have to hold onto the Iron Rod! Don't let go!"

Always worth it when we get to the top!

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