Monday, December 8, 2014


For Family Night we went and saw Santa- the boys were soooo excited to give him their list of three things that they want for Christmas because they were worried Santa might accidentally give them a princess instead. And "boys no like princesses, that's for girls." We saw Santa last Saturday but it didn't go so well. Okay, it was an epic fail. Ty was hungry and tired and manifested it by being terrified of Santa. Riiiight. But instead of getting too frustrated I tried to prep him for trying it again and overcoming his "fear."

Seems silly but prepping him about it made a huge difference. It was basically a social story without the actual book. We talked about it all day, why Santa isn't scary and how much he loves kids. I showed him pictures from all 4 previous Santa experiences in his life to prove he never cried before and that almost-kindergarteners aren't scared of Santa- and on and on. We went back to the same exact place with the same exact Santa- repetition and routine is what he thrives on. They even got to open their Christmas jammies early to show Santa they were ready for Christmas. 

Well, I was so proud of Ty for not only not being scared but for loving the experience. It was an extraordinary normal moment that us Autism moms get so excited about that 'normal' people don't get or think is dumb. :) He was grinning from ear to ear and happily told Santa he wanted an "Iron Man bike, Iron Man sword and Iron Man gloves." Levi told him he wanted a "Spiderman bike and Spiderman sword." He refused to say three things, saying he only wanted two. Haha. (And yes, I've been scrambling to figure out the swords part and Ty's gloves part... he means the gloves you ride a bike with but they don't make Iron Man ones that I could find so we'll improvise!)

Anyways, it was a good night for us!

Levi loved getting warm by the fire. 

This was Ty's "5 year old smile"- he's already getting excited for his birthday.

Seriously, compared to Saturday this picture is a miracle!!

Giving their letter to Santa- serious business.

Shaddie starting to realize he's sitting on a strange man's lap...

This is all that Shaddie wants to do these days- he's done with crawling but can't walk on his own yet so he just walks everywhere he can with us holding his hands.


Annnnnd now he's lost it!

This was Santa attempt #1- obviously, it didn't go so well. And not with the baby or the 3 year old but  because of the almost kindergartener, ha. I've come to realize that Ty being tired + hungry = tantrums no matter what's going on. We're really focusing on eating and food therapy this year to combat this struggle that he has. Levi was cute though and just ran right up to him and gave him a big hug. Shaddie was clueless. This was after we ran our 5K Santa Run and we weren't planning on seeing Santa so it wasn't really fair that we didn't prep Ty at all and obviously, everyone looks like bums. :) So it was a good first try and helped Ty be ready for the next time. That's the thing we autism, we'll just keep trying and trying!!

Levi LOVED Santa though. He has such a kind heart and so sweet.

Poor Ty Ty having a hard time. It's interesting to note how he keeps his hands in his mouth when he's stressed. The sensory problems are all connected with his mouth yet during times like this he won't put them down. Overload vs. needing stimulation/comfort.

My cousin Sheila, who is 37 weeks pregnant with baby girl, watched the boys for us while we ran our Santa Run. She's the best! What a cute lil pregnant lady!

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Meagan said...

Dustin was looking at your blog last night and commented that it's almost creepy how closely our lives/posts correspond with each other. :) Kinda fun!