Saturday, December 27, 2014

Santa Came!

I've actually been really lucky when it comes to working holidays. The last time I had to work Christmas was when I was pregnant with Ty in 2009 and I've known I had to work it this year for the last three years. So we decided to go ahead and celebrate it early by writing a letter to Santa so we could enjoy it fully without being tired or rushed. So we decorated gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve, Santa came that night and we woke up to presents on Tuesday Dec. 23rd!!  I was actually surprised at how much we all enjoyed doing it a tiny bit early. It felt like the holiday was all to ourselves, everything was open, spaced out presents more so my boys didn't get overwhelmed and it extended the entire Christmas celebration out by a few days. Anyways, I'm a fan. Not of working but of celebrating early! ;) Ty told everyone, "Our Santa came early!"

Ty- 4.5 years old
Levi- 3.5 years old
Shad- 11 months

Shad's FIRST Christmas!!!

The boys were up by 5:30 am and we couldn't keep them waiting for too long. Finally I let them open their presents without Shaddie there. They took turns, opening each one, and did really well! I was impressed! Shad didn't wake up until 8:30 am so the boys were very excited to "help" him open his presents.  He didn't have to do a single thing! ;)

Our ward had a little toy exchange/clean out your closets thing where I dropped two bags full off to. Then we got to "shop" for new things- it was actually pretty cool! There was a bunch of neat, good stuff and so Shad got a few actual real baby toys since we don't really have any! I got rid of them/sold them when we moved because I've finally learned babies don't really need toys- they play with whatever the older kids are playing with or love kitchen utensils or shoeboxes.  :)

Again, playing with the shoebox instead of toys....

Shaddie enjoyed our Christmas breakfast of pancakes with homemade strawberry syrup, whipped cream, bacon, eggs and orange juice!

The pirate just got a ticket by the police officer. There's no messing around at our place anymore.

It actually wasn't too bad at work this Christmas Eve and Christmas. I was expecting a lot worse. Christmas Eve was pretty slow actually. I worked with good people and Dr. Sanderson so it was fun. We didn't have any major, horrible traumas and pretty easy patients. TONS of flu patients (GET YOUR FLU SHOTS PEOPLE!!) but nothing too major. 

The only thing that was rough was that I had a little 2 year old boy who had leukemia come in. He spiked a fever suddenly and him and his cute little, young mom and dad were visiting family here in Utah. They were from DC where his dad is in med school there. He was diagnosed back in October, 3 days before his 2nd birthday and had spent every holiday in the hospital. His mom and dad took the chance to fly out here for  Christmas to see family and of course, this happened. The poor mom was so worried but came fully prepared with everything they (and we needed) to access his port and other info like that. He LOVED Iron Man and was wearing Spiderman slippers- stab a needle in my heart and twist it, right?? All I could think about was my little superheroes at home, healthy and safe on Christmas Eve. :( He was such a cute, sweet little boy but of course, was so tired of nurses, doctors, hospitals and needles. I was very vary to access his port since none of us had ever done a Peds patient before. I knew we had one chance and didn't want to traumatize him so I called around the hospital looking for someone who had time/expertise. Eventually one of the NICU doctors!! and a NICU nurse came down to do it for us!! I was so shocked at their kindness to take the time to do that. It was soooo grateful I did that since it took the doctor himself 3 times to do it and it was clotted and everything. Thankfully, he eventually got it working and saved the day. I gave them one of the pistachio desserts I had brought in gratitude to take back to their unit. :) The poor baby kept saying, "Owie! No! Dad! It hurts!" over and over. Broke my heart, plus everything they have yet to go through. They've only been through one round of chemo. Anyways, I just thought about this lots and really made a huge impression on me to not take for granted my kids' health. For some reason I've always been afraid my kids will get diagnosed with leukemia or Type 1 diabetes. I know, weird, but when I see it all the time, I can't help but have little fears in the back of my mind like that. But I'm grateful for strong parents and sweet little boys who help remind me what's important and made this Christmas working, a holiday to remember. I'll always remember my little 2 year old Iron Man patient on Christmas Eve. :)

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