Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gingerbread Houses

On Monday night for FHE, we all got together at Aunt Ginger's house for a gingerbread making party with the cousins! It was also our Christmas Eve since I work the Christmas holiday block (lame, I know). The boys loved it and I was surprised at how independent they were. Shaddie just liked cruising around in his Christmas diapers from Target ;)

Ty had to have a number 4 on it since he's 4 years old.

Peyton- 7, Cole- 9, Trey- 5, Parker- 3, Levi- 3, Ty- 4

(Easton had a basketball game, Brock fell asleep and Lawson, Shad and Dimitri are too little ;)

Levi isn't sad- just likes making puppy dog faces??

Lately the two older boys have been waking up super early- like 4:30 am-5 :30 am. It's insane. So needless to say, unless they take a nap they are out by 6-7 pm. It's this vicious cycle we can't get off of and can't fix. But anyways, Ty fell asleep on the way home so we just put him right to bed. We were able to act out the Christmas story with our new nativity set that I've been wanting for a while with just Levi. But after a while he had reached his limit and went to bed. So it wasn't a very "magical" Christmas Eve but that's okay. TJ and I were ready for the next day by 8:30 pm, watching a movie and eating some ice cream so it was a great night for us!! ;)

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