Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Festival and Santa Run

Ty had a field trip with his class to Festival of Trees- I've always wanted to go the 6 years I've lived here and finally made it! My family did a tree for my older brother, Tyrell, back in the 80s but I was too small to remember. They also did one for my cousin, Sean, who died at 6 years old and was handicapped. Only my mom flew up for it. So it was pretty neat while I was there to imagine all the family's like mine, putting in so much time and effort for their loved ones. The boys were transfixed when we came to a Superhero tree- if I were loaded I would've loved to have bought that one and brought it home! I even thought it was awesome!! 

After every field trip, I'm always so grateful for the wonderful staff at Ty's school. They help me with all 3 kids and are just so good to us. We're so lucky to be at Giant Steps. 

Ty wasn't up for pictures or the cool bubble machine so lucky Levi got to take his place!! 

Mr. Nick- the only boy teacher at his school so of course, he thinks he's soooo awesome. Plus they both have a love for superheroes. :)

A PUG tree!!!!

Only in Utah.....

Frosty made out of mints!!

I was desperate to quickly grab a few things I needed at Hobby Lobby and Shaddie was done for the day. So I found a winter (red frosting) Oreo and let him have it. I had to wet wipe down the cart before we left. It worked though! We got through the store and super long lines without any crying or screaming. I did get lots of awesome looks from people but I'm so passed caring anymore!!

And I might've given him a few more to survive the car ride home....

Provo 5K SANTA RUN!!
December 6, 2014

We ran the funnest race we've ran yet!! The Santa Run in the Riverwoods! Instead of getting a race shirt in your race packet they gave you a Santa suit to wear so that everyone was matching and a you were in a mass of a giant group of running Santas! haha. It was awesome and a lot of fun. I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying running these 5Ks even though I kill myself during them and feel awful. :) Sheila is my cousin who lives in Orem and is due with a little girl on Christmas Day. She came with us to watch the boys which was soooo nice of her and fun to hang out with her. 

Molly's usual spot during breakfast, lunch and dinner :) Somehow our floor is so much cleaner ever since she came home with us???! Ha

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