Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Family Pics Attempt #2

Since I wasn't really thrilled with the professional family pics that we paid for, we decided to try one more time when we were in Marana for Thanksgiving- for free! Sue Miller came over and out of the 177 pics we took, these are the few that were semi-okay. Bahhh!! I'm so done with family pictures for a loooong time! :) Thanks Sue and Jordan- you guys are the best!!

The first day that we got to my parent's house, 2 out of the 3 boys were crying and afraid of Molly. However, I just KNEW they'd warm up to her if we gave it some time. After about 24 hours, they couldn't get enough of her and since then we've all totally fallen in love with her!!! My dad was so nice and spayed her and gave her all her shots. He said intubating her was hilarious since he's never had to pull on such a long tongue before. It's rarely in her mouth- just hangs out! She's such a good find- all the babies were pulling on her ears and poking her eyeballs- never once did she growl or act aggressive. She's the perfect kid dog. And might be the only little girl I get!! ;)

Ty- 4.5 years old
Levi- 3.5 years old
Shad- 10 months

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