Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Clothing and Bowling

Molly's new sweater :) 

Everyone gets such a kick out of her tongue since it's always hanging out.

I came downstairs to find Levi dressed like this and Molly licking Shad's breakfast off his face :) 

And for some reason Levi was pouting like this and didn't move for about 10 minutes straight.

Later he came down dressed like this- dressed in his favorite turtle shirt and Shad's wranglers.

The other day TJ wiped his nose and Levi just fell apart crying. We both were like, "Levi! What in the world is wrong??" He looks up with tears streaming down, "I no like Dad to wipe my nose."
When TJ asked why he said, "Because I love mommy best!" He's still such a huge momma's boy and has been since day one, the most out of the 3 boys. He'll still come up and snuggle with me and say, "I just love you Mommy Tawa." :)

I had my annual Christmas work party put on by the ER physicians. I was on call that night but luckily it was a slow night so I chanced it and was able to take the two older boys and go. They LOVE bowling and had the time of their lives. After a while, regular bowling wasn't exciting enough and they made up their own rules, including laying down under the ramp thingy while the other person is bowling to watch the ball go down! They had free Costa Vida there and so I left the boys bowling to go get food. I thought I hear crying but was almost done getting our plates and when I came back Becky and Tina each had a crying kid because they thought I had left. It was pretty funny. 

Levi won a prize from Dr. Murdock! He was very proud of his blue water bottle.

Such happy bowling buddies!!

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