Saturday, December 20, 2014


Last Thursday night TJ had a final to work on so I loaded up the kids and took them to see the Holiday Lights at Thanksgiving Point. It's where you drive around a neat light display and you just pay per car. We've gone every year the past several years but this was the first time both boys were SO into it. Shad just sat mesmerized from his car seat and I let the two boys sit up front since we're going 1 mph throughout the entire park so it was really fun!! 

Afterwards we had to go visit the reindeer since the boys are very into them this year. They were disappointed that Rudolph wasn't there. :) Elsa happened to be there too!! Levi was so excited and just had to get a picture with her. I think he was the only boy in line, haha. I think he got the excitement of standing in line to see characters from our last Disneyland trip :)

I feel lucky to live in Utah County (at times, ha!!) since there are so many kid/family-friendly things to do that are so close to us!

We've been soooo LUCKY to have had such a nice, WARM winter so far!! Not any snow (that has stuck) and some days it's been in the 60s!! I hear people complaining all the time that it doesn't seem like Christmastime but I LOVE IT! It's exactly the type of Christmases I love!! ;)

It's so funny how any young lady with a blonde, sideways braid in a blue-ish sparkly dress is automatically identified as Elsa :)

Afterwards we went in to get our free hot chocolate and kiddie ice cream cone :) 

Levi had his Pajama Christmas Preschool Party- he had his whole outfit planned out a week in advance and everyday would ask if today was the day. He was excited to drink "warm hot chocolate milk" and see what pajamas his friends were wearing. 

Ty had his Giant Steps Christmas program on Friday and they sang so cute!! His favorite song is the Hippopotamus for Christmas song. He was practicing tons all around the house but whenever he's actually in public "performing" he always gets pretty shy and just mumbles. :) But he did awesome! Shad was wanting to crawl onto the stage, Levi couldn't see and wanted to sit on my lap, I was trying to record a song or two, a teacher was sitting directly in front of Ty and I forgot the SD card to my nice camera- so needless to say, I didn't get very good pics with my phone. 

You can imagine how it'd be with all 5 classes of twelve autistic kids combined but the staff are amazing and do so well (the kids that need 1:1 have a staff member right beside them). It was really cute to see and afterwards they had treats and Santa come. We even convinced Ty to stand by Santa with his brothers! Afterwards we went to McDonalds for lunch to celebrate and actually got to go inside and play on the playplace- I know, big things are happening around here!

The County Commissioner held a big golf tournament and donated the $10, 000 to Giant Steps!!!!

Ty with Miss Anne and Miss Katie- two of his favorite teachers. 

Cookies and milk!!! This past week was a big milestone for us- NO MORE FORMULA!!!! Shad has transitioned to whole milk seamlessly and it's been awesome!!!! I felt so much joy as I made that very last bottle and threw the can away!! ;)

When I asked who colored on Shad, Ty said he did it with total innocence and no idea that it was naughty. It's so funny to me how with some things, they honestly don't see a thing wrong with it. So we now added people onto the list of things we DON'T color on. :) Seems like we are ever expanding that list. 

This boy is still taking tons of steps but no actual walking yet! It's amazing to me how he continually speeds up his turbo-speed stinkbug crawl- it's CRAZY fast!!

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