Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Catch Up

My cousin, Sheila, had her baby girl on her due date- Christmas Day! Isn't she so sweet?? It definitely made me baby hungry for a little girl- but then I came home and reality hit me right as I walked in the front door.... I'm good for right now!!! hahaha.

We had a Sunday Christmas dinner at TJ's Abuelita's house and all the 11 great grandkids were there. It was a small house so a little chaotic but fun! We had a delicious Colombian soup that Ruth made and the boys all got matching pajama pants made by their great grandma. Dimitri and Shad happened to be wearing the same Christmas onesie!

This baby was 11 months old last Sunday! He's officially on whole milk and no more formula!!! Best present ever!! He celebrated by sleeping through the night for the first time (finally!!!!). We've been sleep training him (crying it out :( so sad) so the last 3 nights have been a little rough :( He woke up with a hoarse voice yesterday from crying so much. Makes me sad but so worth it once we hit the three day mark and he sleeps all the way through. My boys have all done that- works like a charm if you can just stick out the three days. Shaddie is still taking lots of steps but no real, consistent walking. He loves any food and always makes a big mess in his high chair. Still has 6 teeth but I can feel several more trying to make their way up. His one right sided tooth next to his big front one seems to be almost side ways it's so crooked! Hopefully crooked baby teeth mean perfect, straight big teeth will come later and no braces. :) He has dark, dark eyes and light brown/blonde hair although darker than Levi's was and lighter than Ty's was. He loves giving hugs and is still a huge snuggler. Sometimes he'll give you a hug that seriously lasts over 30 seconds- just sitting there, resting his head on your shoulder and his little arms around your neck. So cute!! No real words yet but he's babbling all the time. Doesn't really watch TV or movies or has a favorite anything, just likes to be where his brothers are at and playing with the same toys. Lately he has a thing for his dad and whenever he has to choose who to go to, he'll always choose TJ. He already needs another haircut and it's so hard to keep up on ! The top part sticks straight up and is very hard to control. When he first was exposed to Molly he fell apart and was scared of her for about 2 days. Now he loves her and they play together often. This last month I've noticed a huge difference in how much easier of a baby he's suddenly become. He plays and entertains himself so much more, whereas before he always wanted to be held. He enjoys being independent and moving where he wants to go. He's always wanting to go outside, even when it's cold and snowy!! He's such a lovable little boy!! Can't believe he'll be one next month!

Levi, Parker and Brock 

Shad's first dollar!

Tia Martha gave all the boys dollars according to their age- Ty thought it was soooo awesome and kept showing everyone his 4 dollars! Levi was more interested in the bag of pennies and Shad just wanted to eat his. 

Riding bikes on (our) Christmas Day!

On Tuesday the 23rd, we opened presents, played all morning, road bikes, returned the things we needed to since all the stores were open, we went out to eat at Maria Bonitas and I ate the best carne asada chimichanga ever!! It was soooo delicious! Levi was so tired from waking up at 5:30 am for presents and Ty chowed down on chips!

While TJ took the boys to the movies, I put Shad down for a nap and we both slept for over 2 hours. It was the best Christmas ever!!

Opening presents at Mamita's house on Christmas Eve before I left for work.

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