Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014



Once again, I'm writing our annual Christmas letter on here instead in some lengthy, boring letter included in our Christmas cards- seems to work much better this way and only those who care to get a little update can choose to read it at will! :)
We hope this finds all of our family and friends alive and well! We appreciate each one of you in our lives and the impact you've had on our little family!

TJ continues his grueling schedule of working full time and grad school at night. He still works for USANA Health Sciences in SLC as a customer service supervisor and is doing well there. We are officially HALF WAY THROUGH his dual masters program at the University of Utah!!!! Can you tell how excited we are??? This continues to be a huge commitment and extremely time consuming but we know it'll all be worth it in the end. He's also focusing on getting a certificate in Information Technology, along with his MBA and MHA (Masters in Health Administration). His anticipated date of graduation is summer of 2016. I can't imagine him being home every single night- sounds like a dream and it's helping us appreciate him being around more! We're grateful for his dedication, hard work, early mornings and late nights. 

I (Tara) continue to work a few times a month at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center's ER. I love being an ER nurse there and really enjoy working so much less this past year. Yet I also immensely enjoy getting out of the house and a break from kids every once in a while! A perfect balance for me. It's also nice getting a little more sleep these days as well since I always work nights when I do. I'm also involved with cub scouts in our ward (congregation for our church- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and enjoy working with the wolves (8 year olds) every week. TJ and I have had the opportunity to do a few 5K's these past few months and have really enjoyed it!! It's nice to finally be back in running shape and to do it together! I've also enjoyed going to the gym and working out while the kids go to the kids care there and the normal "mom" stuff in daily life. This is the first year I've really felt like a true stay at home mom, which has been refreshing to finally meet our goal of that after six years of working towards it. 

Ty is 4 1/2 years old and has been attending Giant Steps Autism Preschool this school year and has been LOVING it. It's been soooo good for him and I'm literally grateful every single day that he got in, even though he's gone all day long. He has amazing teachers who love him so much! He's also been able to ride the bus, which he thrives on and I love too!! It's been wonderful to not have to be out the door every morning and Shad actually gets a decent morning nap!! Ty's the only verbal kid out of the 8 kids who ride his bus so he's very much in charge and adored by his bus drivers. We're so very proud of the progress he's made and have officially made plans for him to be mainstreamed into kindergarten next year and finish his ABA therapy!! He continues to go to speech and food therapy and it's been amazing this past year to have real conversations with him and to hear what's going on inside that lil' head of his! He loves Iron Man and all other Avengers, our past trip to Disneyland in September, riding his bike and playing with friends. As he's continued to conquer these challenges he was sent here with, his sweet personality continues to emerge. We love our Ty Ty!

Levi is 3 1/2 years old and such a sweetheart. He was sooo excited to finally get to do something of his very own, separate from Ty's therapies and interventions that he's been exposed to his whole life! He's been going to Kids Village Preschool and loves it! His best friend at school is Pepper (a girl!) and enjoys playing with his friends. Him and Ty started soccer this year and had fun (most of the time, haha). He also started speech this year (do you notice a trend here with Wengert boys??) and we hope to continue to make more progress! I've become a master interpreter in the language of Levi. He loves when Ty comes home from school and misses him throughout the day. He loves his little brother as well and we haven't had a single moment of jealousy or problems since Shad has been born. Levi loves SpiderMan, Avengers, Disneyland, and playing outside. Lev is the perfect middle child to our chaos sandwich! 

Shad is 11 months old and getting closer to his first birthday! Amazing how fast time goes by. He is absolutely adored by all of us and is the center of our family's attention. It's been so fun this past year watching the two older boys interact, play and "mother" him. He's a tough little boy and often gets smothered by "rough" love. I've thoroughly enjoyed having THREE BOYS this year and it still surprises me most days! I enjoy dressing them alike to get my "little girl fix." :) Shaddie is a master "stink bug crawler"- meaning he doesn't crawl on his knees but with straight legs at turbo speed. He's also officially started taking steps and everyday gets more daring and more confidence. I'm sure by the end of the year we'll have a walker! He has 6 little crooked teeth and melts our hearts with his toothy, jack- o- lantern type smile and out of control hair that always needs a haircut. :) He's our Shaddie boy!

Molly is the newest member of our family and quite possibly, the only daughter I'll have! Ha! She is a little 10 month old black pug who we adopted and has been the perfect addition and so amazing with kids. Ty has been extremely afraid of dogs for the past year or so and now that fear is completely gone and replaced by total adoration. The boys love her and she loves them right back. Molly has to sleep with them every night, curled up right next to them in bed. We've been needing a good family dog and we're so lucky to have found our "Mols," as the boys call her.

We are grateful for this Christmas season and the opportunity to #sharethegift of our Savior's birth! We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and health and happiness in 2015! 

The Hendriksens

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