Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Catch Up

Saturday night we stopped by the Tree of Life!! That's literally what it's called!! I know, I know, only in Utah. :) The whole park is decorated with amazing lights, complete with a bridge that's the iron rod. The boys were pretty excited to see it since we're still in 1 Nephi in our scripture reading (we go realllly slow) but the excitement didn't last too long since it was pretty chilly and wet.

Shad was the only happy one to take a picture!

Levi's preschool had a Christmas Party Open House last week. All the kids got to go up and sing the Christmas songs they've been working on. After I took this pic two little girls came right up in front of Levi and stood directly in front of him so this was the only one I had of him. Someday he'll get bigger and taller! ;)

They decorate the school so neat for Christmas. This picture only shows a tiny fraction of it. 

Ty saw his good friend Luke Knight there. They are sooooo excited to be in the same kindergarten class at Kid Village together next year!

The best picture I got of Levi and of course, he's sticking his tongue out!

Santa was there and Levi was excited to remind him about his Spiderman bike :)

Shad was NOT a fan this time.

Last Friday night we drove up to Logan to watch Amy's play, A Christmas Carol. Afterwards we spent the night in their cute little house. It was fun and Amy did awesome! The play was very well done. It was quite a fun time with our three crazy kids and dog over night! ;)

Soooo pretty!!

We are not very good at the selfie thing!

Monday night TJ's work had a big event that TJ had to be at and I was able to tag along. It was a really fancy event and kinda fun to be at!! It was held for all the high up associates in USANA so it was a big wine and dine thing to dote on them to keep spending lots of money. There was such fancy, good food- it was soooo good and 5 courses. And what totally surprised me was that the real Collin Raye was there performing!! It wasn't a very big venue so it was amazing to see him so up close and personal! He's a USANA associate- haha. He's seriously one of my favorite country singers from when I was a teenager. I had a bunch of his CD's and know all the words to a lot of his songs. So it was actually a fun little evening out with TJ and no kids! Guy and Ruth were so nice to watch the boys for a few hours. Date nights are always so rare that it makes them such a treat!

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