Thursday, November 13, 2014

Three Boys

 Just random pics of life around here with three boys....

Ty has grown 3 inches in the last six months!! He started the school year with 4T jeans and now they are all too short- of course! We're at that funny stage between toddler clothes- 4T, 5T and the big boy section, XS (4), size 4-5!!! As dumb as it sounds, it hit me kind of hard that my baby boy is growing up!! It felt so weird to walk across the aisle in Target, away from the baby section!! :)

Levi's recent sayings:

-Levi came up to me crying and when I asked him what's wrong he said, "We're fighting. Ty doesn't love me so much!"

-When I told Levi to stop wiping butter all over his pants he said, "But I just love dirty!"

Ty's recent sayings: 

Since Ty is talking more and more, I don't record nearly everything. This kid is funny, as most little talkative kids are. Just nice that he's finally joined the neurotypical kids in something so "normal!"

- Levi was crying over his legos for whatever reason and Ty comes up to me and says, "Levi is having a hard day. Actually, a hard Lego day."

-One of his many prayers that are quite entertaining: "Thank you for dog and monster pumpkins. Thank you for this day and for food to eat even though I don't like it. Thank you we can pause our iPads for the prayer. Thank you for Elder Perry who is like Perry the Platypus and thank you for Elder Nelson. Thank you I ride the bus safe and thank you that I can say the prayer all by myself."

- Ty: "Shad's carseat smells. It smells like peanut butter and I do not like peanut butter."

- Me: "Ty, what's wrong?"
Ty: "I'm just having a rough day."

-Me: "Ty, you're in charge while I go upstairs."

How Shaddie uses his walker these days. He also likes to push it around like a 80 year old man walker. :)

Teething is my worst enemy these days. Just when one (or several at once) come through, a new one starts it's way down. Shaddie has about 4.5 that are all the way through but this week has been rough! He was a little sick on Sunday with vomiting and fever but now that's stopped and the fussiness has remained!! I think it's safe to say the culprit are the top two left teeth.....

This cute little Indian stepped off the bus today! He showed me how Indians yell and how they shoot their arrows. He also had to explain about pilgrims and how Indians are Lamanites- good point, Ty! Not sure if they taught that in school but we are in Utah County!! haha.

Since Ty has Mondays off, we like to go do something all together if we can since it can also be a long day at home. Plus we all benefit from a little bit of routine and structure! Last Monday we finally were able to go back to IKEA since Levi is finally tall enough for the play place!!! Yahoo!! We've had many tears shed because he wasn't quite there and Ty was. This was Shad and me celebrating our 90 minute shopping time together! ;)

Our thankful turkeys from this past Family Night 

When I picked Levi up from preschool he said, "Look mom! My family!" and when I asked who the red one was he said, "My sister!" Ohhh, okay Lev!!

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