Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sickness and Drawings

Poor Shaddie was sick last week- this was right after one of his Rocephin injections at Alpine Peds. Even a sucker couldn't distract him :( He had one of those puking for a day and then fevers off and on for a few more days with constant runny nose. So hard to know when to take him in?!! I was getting ready to go to our RS Christmas dinner- TJ had school and I had to work but I arranged for a baby sitter and for someone to cover me at work for 2 hours so it was perfectly set up. Right before I was about to go, I realized Shaddie had another fever again- ugh. So plans changed and I took Shad to Instacare instead to see if he had an ear infection. I LOVE my pediatrician's office who have an after hours urgent care- we got right in since we were the only ones there. I had a small window of time in order to get to work on time and was in and out within 30 minutes. Since he already had had a bad case of diarrhea and was just getting over it,  I chose to do the 3 shots of Rocephin instead- I felt soooo bad since those injections hurt so bad!!! We had to come back Friday and Saturday for 3 total and the poor baby had bruises on each thigh :( But it was worth it since it was done and over with and he was so much better so quickly without the 10 days of oral antibiotics and worsening diarrhea. He had been sleeping horribly so thankfully, we are doing much better! Poor Shaddie boy! I also didn't get to go to the gym for a whole week- darn! The things we do for these kids- good thing they're cute!! Even with rice on their nose!

No first official first step yet but this boy is trying to walk constantly!! He'll almost throw himself from the couch to the ottoman. 

On Monday was Aunt Ginger's birthday! So we surprised her with pictures and Swig cookies. We just love our Aunt Ging and all she does for us- she's seriously the best.

I had an interesting thought the other day as I was driving to speech- for what seemed liked the millionth time and definitely not the last time either. I was wondering if Shad would be needing speech as well and thought we might as well start now since all my kids do and was almost laughing about it. That led to thoughts of wondering what it'd be like to have kids that talked early or on time with clear, purposeful speech and how strange that'd be?!! And then it hit me- how blessed we are that Levi has speech delays too! How would Ty feel if his little brother, who is his sidekick and constant companion, spoke better than him and corrected his speech? Ty feels so proud when I ask him to interpret what Lev is saying or when he "helps" him practice his speech homework. Definitely a blessing in disguise, one that has taken me a while to notice!

Ty's letter to Derek on his mission. You can test yourself and see if you can read it. It says: Dear Elder Wengert. I love you. I miss you. Love, Ty. :)

Iron Man likes to eat egg toast for breakfast. 

Ty's drawing of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs :)

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