Monday, November 3, 2014


Halloween 2014

I was so glad Halloween was on a Friday this year cause this meant TJ didn't have class and could come with us! It was a little boring to do the Superhero theme, along with the rest of the world, but with all boys who love superheroes, how could we not?? 

The day of Halloween, Levi wanted to be Captain America really, really bad. I was trying to explain to him that he already chose SpiderMan and he couldn't change or else we'd have 2 Captain Americas and blah blah- that didn't matter to a 3 year old, of course. Then I had the brilliant idea to tell him he could have a piece of candy if he changed and would be Spiderman for the night- haha. Worked like a charm. Definitely some perks to being 3- you'll do anything for candy.

Ty and Levi both got to wear their costumes to preschool, which was the coolest thing ever to them. We got to go to Ty's school party which made Levi really happy. We helped the kids play Halloween bingo, drink witches brew (Sprite in dry ice- Ty actually tried it and drank it and liked it!!), monster bowling and practiced going Trick or Treating. Afterwards we walked over to the elementary school adjacent to the special needs school to watch the costume contest parade. Ty and Levi thought it was "amazing!" however, Levi saw two robots and suddenly wanted to be a robot for the night. Tough luck, bud. 

Miracle picture- all 3 boys looking at the camera.....

I'm surprised at how many people got such a kick out of Shad's costume. I thought it was cute but apparently random people thought it cute enough to ask if they could take a picture of it :)

Shawnda the witch, Ty the Iron Man, Levi the SpiderMan and Lane the Transformer.

Wyatt the pumpkin and Shad the Captain America!

On Halloween night, this baby stood for about 5 seconds by himself!! He did this several times- I couldn't believe it!! He's going to be walking so soon!! Maybe even beat Ty who walked at 10 1/2 months old!! Ahhh!!

I seriously love living so close to my cousin, Lexi. She is a lifesaver and loves my kids so much. I've never lived so close to family before and I can truly say it's awesome. I love how much closer we've become and the things we do to help each other raise these kids. Between the two of us, we have six kids 4 years old and younger. Each of our kids are no more than 6 weeks apart in age. We literally have been pregnant and the same exact times with all three pregnancies. :) We couldn't have planned that if we tried!

KiLiegh and Orrin came over with their kids to add to the tractor party!!

Porter the rodeo clown.

Hector had the grand idea to make a little tractor trailer ride for the kids to ride on for trick or treating. It was complete with decorations (that definitely looked like men decorated it! haha), music, carseats for the babies to sit in, glow sticks, and lights. The kids were in heaven. It was actually really nice to sit on and just watch the kids jump on and off together to go door to door. 

Ollie, the pirate princess 

Levi had fun switching things up!

Hmm....which candy to eat next??

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