Monday, November 3, 2014

A few more Halloween

Since Halloween is my very favorite holiday, there were a lot of pictures from this year! 

The Wednesday before Halloween I asked Ruth to come over for cub scouts to pass off the Language and Culture belt loop since it had to be done by someone who was from another country. She was so good with the boys and it was fun to see them excited about the games she taught them. For once all the boys actually sat and listened and participated!!!

This happened a few days ago- Shaddie got half way up the longest stairs ever!! He's also fallen a few times too so we'll see how long it takes for him to catch on. :)

Levi right before going off to preschool. He was so excited to wear Ty's costume to school!!

The day before Halloween Ruth's work had a little trick or treat around the different buildings on base. Parker met us there and the boys ran to each other as if it had been years since they had seen each other. 

Definitely a good black mail picture for the future! Kissin cousins!

Levi had fun dressing up as all the different superheroes throughout the day! Ty took the charge of being the big brother very seriously and showed Levi exactly what to do at his school. :)

We are so extremely lucky that we get to go to Giant Steps. It is an amazing school with incredible staff. I seriously am so grateful every single day. Literally. Ty loves it and has never complained once about going. 

Mr. Nick was dressed up as Batman- the kids thought he was AMAZING!!!

Watching the kids' costume parade :)

After Ty's school party we stopped by Maceys where they were having trick or treating at the different departments, games and cookie decorating. On the way home we saw the sign for $1.99 happy meals and had to celebrate with a picnic on our front lawn while we waiting for Dad to come home. The anticipating was almost killing them!

Captain America loves chicken nuggets!!

Ty could seriously eat a happy meal every single day of his life and be quite happy. Blah!

I seriously loved Halloween this year- it's so fun being a mom and seeing the excitement through their eyes!! 

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