Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Months

This little baby turned 10 months a few days ago and he's such (an  almost) total joy and brings so much happiness to our family!! I say almost because right now he's sleeping horribly!! Meaning, in my bed, snuggled up next to me all night long! It started during his last sickness and now with us going to AZ for Thanksgiving, I wasn't about to put all my effort into sleep training him and have our vacation erase it all and to start over when we come back. All the time I hear the boys say things to him like (in a high pitched baby voice), "You're just so CUTE!" and "Oh Shaddie boy, our baby!!" while kissing his cheeks over and over. They really get a kick out of him taking steps and crawling super fast and clapping- his newest trick. He's so proud that he can clap. He loves eating and eats everything. TJ and I are so excited to be done with formula this next month- best Christmas present ever! He has 6 little teeth but one on the top and one on the bottom are the most prominent so he looks like a little jack o lantern. He loves his momma but he's very excited when dad comes home. He takes great naps and is playing around the house more instead of always wanting to be held. We just love this baby!

This little guy's official first step was on Saturday November 22. Each day he's getting more and more daring by standing on his own and taking little steps here and there and between TJ and I. It's not going to be long! He still does his super fast, turbo speed stinkbug crawl to get around mostly though. Such a crazy kid!

Ty and I went on a date last Saturday afternoon. I explained to him what a date was and was so excited to say he was on a date with mom! We just did errands- just the two of us- and after all he wanted was "a water and a Sprite." So we went to Swig and shared a cookie too- of course we picked out the chocolate chips out of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We go together well. :) 

When I asked Ty what he was doing and that he was going to stretch out Shad's onesie, he said, "Oh it's okay mom, he's just being my doggy!"

My work rented out a theater for The Mockingjay: Part 1 so TJ and I had to go! It was sooo good! Ruth was so kind to let these boys sleep over since in the morning we went to an endowment for one of TJ's good coworkers/friends, Blanca, at the SLC Temple. Ruth sent these pics of Ty- pretty good drawings!

Levi just had to wear his turkey hat everywhere we went. 

Levi all ready for his Thanksgiving feast for preschool!

As we were making these turkeys, Levi said, "These are awesome Mommy Tawa!!" and has been calling me that ever since. :)

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