Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Months

This little baby turned 10 months a few days ago and he's such (an  almost) total joy and brings so much happiness to our family!! I say almost because right now he's sleeping horribly!! Meaning, in my bed, snuggled up next to me all night long! It started during his last sickness and now with us going to AZ for Thanksgiving, I wasn't about to put all my effort into sleep training him and have our vacation erase it all and to start over when we come back. All the time I hear the boys say things to him like (in a high pitched baby voice), "You're just so CUTE!" and "Oh Shaddie boy, our baby!!" while kissing his cheeks over and over. They really get a kick out of him taking steps and crawling super fast and clapping- his newest trick. He's so proud that he can clap. He loves eating and eats everything. TJ and I are so excited to be done with formula this next month- best Christmas present ever! He has 6 little teeth but one on the top and one on the bottom are the most prominent so he looks like a little jack o lantern. He loves his momma but he's very excited when dad comes home. He takes great naps and is playing around the house more instead of always wanting to be held. We just love this baby!

This little guy's official first step was on Saturday November 22. Each day he's getting more and more daring by standing on his own and taking little steps here and there and between TJ and I. It's not going to be long! He still does his super fast, turbo speed stinkbug crawl to get around mostly though. Such a crazy kid!

Ty and I went on a date last Saturday afternoon. I explained to him what a date was and was so excited to say he was on a date with mom! We just did errands- just the two of us- and after all he wanted was "a water and a Sprite." So we went to Swig and shared a cookie too- of course we picked out the chocolate chips out of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We go together well. :) 

When I asked Ty what he was doing and that he was going to stretch out Shad's onesie, he said, "Oh it's okay mom, he's just being my doggy!"

My work rented out a theater for The Mockingjay: Part 1 so TJ and I had to go! It was sooo good! Ruth was so kind to let these boys sleep over since in the morning we went to an endowment for one of TJ's good coworkers/friends, Blanca, at the SLC Temple. Ruth sent these pics of Ty- pretty good drawings!

Levi just had to wear his turkey hat everywhere we went. 

Levi all ready for his Thanksgiving feast for preschool!

As we were making these turkeys, Levi said, "These are awesome Mommy Tawa!!" and has been calling me that ever since. :)

Monday, November 24, 2014


Yesterday we got together for a little Thanksgiving with the Hendriksens since we'll be in AZ for it. TJ's Abuelita just came home from a visit to Colombia and brought all the great grandsons a little poncho (not sure what you call if- seems like ponchos are from Mexico??) Anyways, all the kids were so proud and it's just neat that we get to spend this time with her since she has cancer and we're not sure how much longer we'll get. It's kinda neat that all these kids are a quarter Colombian! Plus are boys are 1/8 mexican- talk about mutts and half breeds! (what friends in HS would always tease me with ;)

These are all 11 grandsons on TJ's side! There's one (step) granddaughter that came into our family this past summer but they live in Florida so we don't get to see sweet Tatum very often!! :( Kinda crazy looking at all of them on the couch- that's a LOT of kids and a LOT of boys!! Someone HAS TO have a girl someday!!!

Easton- 11 years old
Cole- 9 years old
Peyton- 7 years old
Trey- 5 years old
Ty- 4 years old
Brock- 3 years old
Levi- 3 years old
Parker- 3 years old
Lawson- 1 years old
Shad- 10 months old
Dimitri- 3 months old

with their Great Grandma Ruth Suarez Bayon Evans

Peyton looks so handsome in this picture!

I just love how she's looking at him- so sweet! 

This little lady is so sweet and kind- we've never had much of a conversation since she mainly speaks spanish but the love she has for her family is so tangible and real.

Bill and Martha were in town- always so great to see them!!

I made my first real homemade pie- Pecan Pie- and must say it was a success! What would I do without Pinterest??

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sickness and Drawings

Poor Shaddie was sick last week- this was right after one of his Rocephin injections at Alpine Peds. Even a sucker couldn't distract him :( He had one of those puking for a day and then fevers off and on for a few more days with constant runny nose. So hard to know when to take him in?!! I was getting ready to go to our RS Christmas dinner- TJ had school and I had to work but I arranged for a baby sitter and for someone to cover me at work for 2 hours so it was perfectly set up. Right before I was about to go, I realized Shaddie had another fever again- ugh. So plans changed and I took Shad to Instacare instead to see if he had an ear infection. I LOVE my pediatrician's office who have an after hours urgent care- we got right in since we were the only ones there. I had a small window of time in order to get to work on time and was in and out within 30 minutes. Since he already had had a bad case of diarrhea and was just getting over it,  I chose to do the 3 shots of Rocephin instead- I felt soooo bad since those injections hurt so bad!!! We had to come back Friday and Saturday for 3 total and the poor baby had bruises on each thigh :( But it was worth it since it was done and over with and he was so much better so quickly without the 10 days of oral antibiotics and worsening diarrhea. He had been sleeping horribly so thankfully, we are doing much better! Poor Shaddie boy! I also didn't get to go to the gym for a whole week- darn! The things we do for these kids- good thing they're cute!! Even with rice on their nose!

No first official first step yet but this boy is trying to walk constantly!! He'll almost throw himself from the couch to the ottoman. 

On Monday was Aunt Ginger's birthday! So we surprised her with pictures and Swig cookies. We just love our Aunt Ging and all she does for us- she's seriously the best.

I had an interesting thought the other day as I was driving to speech- for what seemed liked the millionth time and definitely not the last time either. I was wondering if Shad would be needing speech as well and thought we might as well start now since all my kids do and was almost laughing about it. That led to thoughts of wondering what it'd be like to have kids that talked early or on time with clear, purposeful speech and how strange that'd be?!! And then it hit me- how blessed we are that Levi has speech delays too! How would Ty feel if his little brother, who is his sidekick and constant companion, spoke better than him and corrected his speech? Ty feels so proud when I ask him to interpret what Lev is saying or when he "helps" him practice his speech homework. Definitely a blessing in disguise, one that has taken me a while to notice!

Ty's letter to Derek on his mission. You can test yourself and see if you can read it. It says: Dear Elder Wengert. I love you. I miss you. Love, Ty. :)

Iron Man likes to eat egg toast for breakfast. 

Ty's drawing of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Levi's Procedure

 Last Friday, Levi had to have a meatotomy to fix what's called meatal stenosis. Here's the definition of it:

 Meatal stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the urethral opening (meatus). If the narrowing becomes significant, urine will have difficulty flowing from the bladder and may cause the bladder to not empty completely. If left untreated, this can lead to urinary tract infections and kidney problems.
Meatal stenosis can be caused from chronic exposure of the irritating effects of urine on the meatus and rubbing of the meatus on a diaper or clothing or irritating effects of diaper rash.

Ever since Lev has been potty trained we've had a little spraying problem- kind of when you put your thumb on a hose. Poor Shaddie's gotten sprayed in the face more than once whenever we're out and about and Levi needs help going potty and I'm holding Shad at the same time, haha. Lev's also sprayed himself in the face before so as you can see, nothing life threatening but definitely something that needed to be fixed!!
The doctor thinks his meatus got a little irritated from a diaper rash sometime when he as wearing diapers and part of the meatus just fused back together. After his 3 year old check up, the pediatrician referred us to a pediatric urologist to fix the problem- just a quick little swipe of the blade and we'd be good to go! But since we had already met our deductible and I didn't want him to remember any of it or be traumatized doing it in the office with just lidocaine, we elected to do it under general anesthesia. I'm so glad we did- it really was so quick, simple and easy for Lev!

Keeping Levi on clear liquids and then NPO was a little tricky for me! Not because he wanted to eat or didn't understand, I was just afraid he'd forget and pop something in his mouth before remembering. So I had to keep eyes on him every second of the day from when he woke up until we were driving. My solution was to keep him up on the kitchen counter with the iPad and his apple juice- it worked great and he didn't mind since I let him watch shows much longer than I usually let him! 

This little Hulk was a lifesaver! I gave it to him right when he woke up the day of the surgery, when I was explaining how he couldn't eat anything for a long time and told him Hulk was going to help him not be afraid and not be hungry- totally worked!!! I also promised afterwards we'd go out for cheese pizza so between that and Hulk, we made it through being NPO!!! 

All the staff at Primary's was soooo good to Lev and totally used superheroes to their advantage in helping him cooperate and not be afraid. They had avenger toys he could play with while he waited and explained things to him so well. I felt so lucky that we lived close to such a competent, incredible children's hospital. I was so proud of Lev- so tears, so polite and could not have been more cooperative. Part of it was that it was such an easy, short procedure- he didn't even need an IV or to be changed into a gown! He was on the RTU- rapid treatment unit and it really was. We were there less than 2 hours- amazing! 

He was so excited to have Cheetos, oreos and an orange slushy as soon as he woke up from the anesthesia. They let him choose what flavor he wanted for the general anesthesia and he was so excited that he got to choose/smell watermelon!!

Oh one funny thing I forgot to mention... when we were dropping Shad off for Ruth to watch him, Levi started crying when we were walking back to the car to leave. I just assumed it was because he wanted to stay and play with Parker who was there and/or he was scared to go to the hospital. When I asked him what was wrong he said, "I don't want to give Shaddie away! I LOVE Shaddie!" haha. I kept trying to explain we were coming back but he just didn't believe it and kept saying, "I want to keep Shaddie!"

Even though he looks like he's in pain, he really was fine and just excited to get a ride in the wheelchair!

He was sooo excited to finally eat his cheese pizza! It was a fun little date with my Levie!

Ty almost made it to the couch, walking in from getting off the school bus! Some days he's just soooo tired!!

The classic sunglasses picture!

Could this be any comfier?? Looks like he's sleeping on heaven- wish they had grown up beds like that! I'd be asleep before my head hit the pillow...