Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Quick AZ Trip & Field Trip

This past weekend I flew home for the weekend for one of my best friend's wedding, Kelsey Gaiser. She married Broc Finlayson and it was a beautiful wedding and I was so glad I came and that it worked out. Ty ended up getting the flu so.... it was actually kind of a nice weekend to go- jk, Teej!! :) They missed the ward halloween party and a few others things which was too bad. 

I had such a great trip though!! It was SO much fun and good to see my family and hang out with my sisters. 
I was worried with how Shad would do on the plane since he's at that age that he just wants to move. The first flight was at 2pm- nap time. He was fussy waiting to get on but thankfully, drank his bottle and fell asleep for the whole flight. Then coming home, we had to be at the airport at 5 am- ugh. But once again, he did awesome. He fell asleep on my lap, just sitting there and slept almost the whole time. It was a Mesa to Provo flight so obviously, tons of kids on each flight. It was nice to have one kid and a good one at that, even with his huge front L tooth about to push through. He also starting clapping on this trip- so CUTE! 

Me, pretending to be a 2010's teenager and take selfies in the car before church with my sisters

Okay, is this not the most ADORABLE picture you've ever seen?? Look at those eyes! I grabbed this right as church was starting and can't stop looking at it! I'm so in love with this baby! Devin picked up Molly for me and brought her to my parent's so I owed him big time. I paid him back with a bag full of baby girl clothes- let's just say we are more than even! I had so much fun shopping for her! I better not have a girl someday because I won't be able to control myself!!!

I came down during the last weekend of the new Phoenix Temple Open House! Not only did we get to go but...our good friends, the Millers, are good friends with the new temple recorder so that meant we got a behind the scenes, backstage, special tour!! It was soooo cool!! We saw the engineer's room, the huge room filled with top of the line washers and dryers and a giant ironing machine, the lunch room for the workers- just neat things like that. It was so neat to be apart of it. 

One of my boys' favorite foods is Raman noodles- I walked into the kitchen and had to laugh and luckily, I had my phone in my hands. They usually make a big mess when eating it but not this bad!!

Giant Steps Autism Preschool Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

The boys loved to run as fast as they could through the corn maze!

This is Molly! She is our new 8 month old pug that we adopted from a lady who lives in Sun City. I've been on the lookout to try to find the perfect dog for our family since I'm convinced the boys need one to grow up with and we've tried several different ones already without any luck. I'm a nerd and LOVE pugs and follow this pug adoption website. I got an email about Molly and was the first one to email the owner back! She's full bred pug, already potty trained and cage trained, was only $10 and my dad will be able to spay her so really, it's an amazing deal! My parents are keeping her at their house until Thanksgiving when we can bring her home. 

Look at the tongue! Isn't it hilarious!?! I just fell in love with her when I was down there and can't wait to bring her home!! She's still a little puppy hyper but that'll be on the downhill so I think she's perfect for us.

This was Bandit- the pug I got for Christmas when I was 10 years old. I had him up until my mission when we had to put him down. He was seriously the best pug dog ever and I'm so excited to have another one!

This pictures aren't very good since the lighting was bad so it doesn't do justice to how beautiful everything was. Kelsey looked amazing and was sooo happy! Bucky Westfall and Kristen Murphy Nitka were both there so it was fun to see friends from high school I don't get to see very often. The wedding actually was pretty long and so I actually left right before the drinking :) But it was beautiful and I was very glad I went. The photographer (hopefully) got better pics of us together- the only one we were missing was Kami Kubik Fisher and our little group would be complete!

 I got these "pretend play clothes" (that's what we call them- they aren't dress up clothes- too girly!) on clearance and the boys have had SO much fun playing with them everyday. The only bad part is that Levi really wants to be a fire fighter for Halloween now.... haha. We'll see what happens. We'll just have to compromise since he can't mess up our Superhero group on Halloween night! :)


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