Thursday, October 16, 2014


Last week for Family Night the boys painted these beautiful works of art. Much easier than the traditional carving, especially since Ty hates the goop inside. Hates with a capital H. There is much gagging involved. We'll see if we get to traditional carving this year especially since the boys want TJ to carve these elaborate Iron Man and SpiderMan designs they see, ha.

In Levi's mind, his Dalmatian looked exactly like the picture!! haha! He kept saying, "I love dogs with LOTS of dots!"

Ty kept doing this weird face where he almost closes both eyes :)

And Shaddie boy was content to stand every where he could and pick up food off the floor.

They were so proud of their doggy and monster pumpkins. You would've thought they won a million dollars to a toy store. 

Ty was so excited to wear his new vest I found at a second hand store. He said he felt like a "big kid." When he got onto the bus after taking this picture I felt like he was a big kid too!! :( My baby is growing up!!!

And just random phone pics:

I got the boys each a beanie for when it starts getting colder since they love wearing hats and I worry about Ty getting cold on the bus. They are the usual cheap ones that come with gloves. Ty's was a $4 add on thing on Amazon so you can imagine the quality. It came in the mail today and somehow they opened the package while I was taking a shower?? He yelled, "The post office guy brought this to me!" He then wore the hat and gloves all day long complete with his jacket, boots and puffer vest in the 75 degree weather at the park and Target. Levi had to follow as well but with less layers. They looked a little ridiculous today with lots of stares but I had to admit it was kinda cute. 

Today was fall break and without school we had a full day empty! Kind of nice every once in a while to have a break from normal routine and spend time with each other. We played hard and it was a good day. :)

The usual scene in the kitchen. Dirty floor (usually way worse), toys all over, food/plates out and this little guy moving from chair to chair. He usually falls about 2-3 times a day on something but it doesn't stop him!

Levi likes to pose. Notice the random pumpkins on the floor. Kids don't ever need real toys.

At the Red Dragons soccer practice. :) Yes, Levi wore his Spiderman beanie in the 80 degree heat at practice. 

For once all the kids were sitting down in a row, quiet and looking at me!

How Levi likes to drink his Carnation breakfast (chocolate or white chocolate milk). He inherited TJ's long tongue because we all know he certainly didn't get it from me!

(Shad needs a hair cut so bad! What happens when you're the youngest- bottom of the totem pole.)

I love it when babies start being entertained by the steering wheels in shopping carts! It's a celebrated milestone in this house! Plus, it's pretty adorable too. :)

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