Sunday, October 5, 2014

Porter's Baptism

Porter got baptized!!

The boys and I drove out to Altamont, UT (about 2 hours east of us). It's a teeny, tiny small county town that I love, close to Roosevelt and Duchesne. My cousin, KiLeigh, lives there with her husband and 4 kids. Her oldest, Porter, got baptized and somehow, communication got mixed up and the font at the church didn't get filled up. Since it takes 3 hours to fill that meant we had to change things up. We drove out to the local pond and Orrin baptized Porter there!! It was amazing!! So beautiful to begin with and just very memorable and unique. We kept talking about how my Grandma Wengert got baptized in a ditch in December and they had to break the ice! This was at least a little more comfortable than at, although Porter made quite the face when he came up out of the water since it was still a little chilly! I was so glad we were able to be there and my boys keep talking about how excited they are to turn 8 years old to get baptized and become a cub scout! (I'm the wolf leader and they love having the scouts come over to our house). Don't worry, I took this pic right before the prayer started!! :) I also LOVE having cousins and family close by! Makes being so far away from Arizona a little easier. 

The Farrs
KiLeigh (holding Olyn), Porter, Ollie, Payson, Orrin (in the back)

Wyatt and Shad- about 6 weeks apart

Levi's face is cracks me up.

This is Ollie, my cousin's little 3 year old daughter. Oh man. How do I even describe her?? She is the craziest, most daring, toughest little girl I've ever met. She beats any boy, any day, in anything you can think of! She's awesome! So when some boys started swinging on this rope swing across the pond, of course Ollie wanted to do it. We all held our breath as she swung out FAR across the pond and came right back, still holding on! She smiled big and said, "that was FUN!" My boys would never do that in a hundred years!

Shad's carseat stunk so bad from the trip to Altamont from spilled milk and who knows what else that we took it out to wash it and it wasn't clean before going to the Hendriksen family dinner last Sunday. So we threw Shad in the back for the short drive over. He LOVED it. You could tell he felt so grown up being able to look at his brothers and face forward. I looked in the back and had one of those can't-believe-all-THREE-of-those-little-humans-are-calling-me-mom moments. 

Ty's school does a little Kindermusik activity every day and he got to bring home the CD and sing-a-long book with it. If I have to listen to froggy goes on a picnic or my bike horn sounds one more time I think I will hurt someone. :)  

Ty likes wearing my sunglasses. I'm always surprised how long he keeps them on. Trey, my nephew, loves holding Shaddie.

How these guys like to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Levi LOVES going to speech. His teacher is Miss Henrie and I'm hoping we can make some good progress this year!

I asked Ty to make a skeleton face since he was soooo excited to wear his "silly skeleton costume" to school last week. It was on clearance from Children's Place and I figured might as well have him wear it as much as possible in October to get the most use out of it. His face cracked me up.

Ruth gave this to us!!! Someone donated it to one of the adoption yard sales and no one bought it! It was just sitting in their garage so TJ got it and set it up this weekend. The boys LOVE it! I love it too since they go outside and play for forever. (You can see all the houses behind us- someday I hope to have none in sight!! haha). 

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