Monday, October 6, 2014

Jessie's Special Friend

The boys had quite the fan club come to their last soccer game, including Jessie and her "special friend" Kade, who the boys just think is the coolest person ever. Mostly because "he's the Kade on transformers rescue bots." Aren't they just the cutest couple ever???!! I have high hopes for these two, wink, wink!!! Jessie and Kade both served in England Birmingham Mission and he came home right as she came out. They wrote for almost a year while she was serving there.

How we watched conference... for about 2 seconds. Haha. (Shad was sleeping.)

The boys having a popcorn party outside in between sessions. :)

Haircuts!! Every once in a while the home clippers and buzzing of the head just isn't good enough and a good clean up is necessary. They always look so nice and non-homeless, orphan-like! Ty picked the pink car and pink balloon at Cookie Cutters. He says it's his favorite color right now. 

Recent Ty sayings:
"Mom, my heart is hurting. I need to rest."

Me: "Ty, do you need to go potty?" on a Sunday. 
Ty: "No, I"m good. I went at school."

Boys playing outside, "Mom! We're going to come in at 15 o'clock."

Ty: "Mom! I'm so happy!" 
Me: "Why?"
Ty: "Because I'm being good!"

A guy with long, curly hair was helping us find something at Target. As he walked away Ty said, "He needs to cut his hair!" I really, really hope he didn't hear him....

I recently taught the boys that they can't leave small things on the ground because Shaddie will put it in his mouth and if he swallows it, he could choke and die. I specifically told them they can't leave their Hungry, Hungry Hippo balls on the ground. Yesterday I walked into the room and Ty came rushing towards me, "Mom! I took this out of Shaddie's mouth and he's not died! He's not dead."

Levi's recent sayings- okay, I guess singular- saying:

When we picked him up from preschool and saw the Target bags: "You went to TARGET!?! I LOVE TARGET!!!"

He's talking more and more but still pretty hard to understand. I'm often pretty proud of myself with some of the sentences I interrupt. Luckily, Levi isn't like Ty in the fact he doesn't get upset if I can't understand what he's saying. :)

This tired little clown came home off the bus like this. He was so excited for his clown day that I just wanted to take one picture of his outfit he made! Darn, hot, sweaty bus! That makes all of us grumpy! But Levi was happy to model it for us while Ty laid back down and rested. 

Shawnda, Lexi and Wyatt came to watch too. Ty ended up going home with Mamita- he wasn't having it and she spoils him :) So that's why no pictures with Ty Ty and this soccer game :)

He still loves his Tiger that he got from Dama at the Sonoran Desert Museum. I'm amazed it's not lost yet since it's been many dozens of places all over!!

General Conference!! 

Always such a treat, even if it is hard watching with kids! The boys got so excited seeing the First Presidency since they mention them in their prayers, by name, every single prayer. Now we working on the 12 apostles names. They loved matching the picture up with whoever was speaking- although Ty got pretty frustrated when one of the seventy would speak and no matching picture....

What 3.5 year old can fit into a baby walker?? :)

These two have so much fun together and play all day long. Built in best buds. 

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