Monday, October 20, 2014

Haunted Half 5K

 Last weekend TJ and I ran in the Haunted Half 5K race to support Kids on the Move. I had an abrupt halt in my daily gym work out due to sick little boys and a bad knee so I wasn't really too excited to race and was mainly doing it for KOTM since they did soooo much for us. Then, to make things worse, I ended up having to bring Shad to the race, borrow a single jogging stroller and run with him. So I had zero expectations for this race and thought I'd probably end up walking while holding Shad most of the way cause he'd be screaming and cranky or freezing or something. ended up working out perfectly and we had SO MUCH FUN!! 

We kept Shad awake on the drive up and he slept almost the entire race! Everyone wore costumes so that made it even funner! Ginger, Curtiss and Jessie all ran it too which was so nice of them and fun to add to our little trio. It was perfect, beautiful, and warm weather too! Since Shad did so well I ended up running the whole thing with the stroller and not stopping which I was surprised I could do, especially since it was 1.5 miles uphill. One hill was brutal- I was huffing and puffing big time. The race was around the state capitol building so it was a steep road but we all survived and it was so nice because the very end of the race was all directly downhill. 

The other boys slept over at Ruth's house and they had tons of fun with their cousins. So nice of Ruth to do that!

Okay so I have to post the stats because we were all pretty surprised by them! There were 327 female racers and 175 male racers in the 5K.

Jessie- 5th female finisher, 2nd in age group, 24:34
Ginger- 22nd female finisher, 3rd in age group, 29:00
Tara- 40th female finisher, 8th in age group, 30:56
TJ- 44th male finisher, 10th in age group, 30:55
Curtiss- he took over Ruth's spot so his categories are all messed up but he ran it in 28:55.

TJ was so nice. He stayed right by my side the whole time, encouraging me, even though I told him he could go ahead. He just didn't want to leave me with the stroller in case I couldn't do it anymore. Jessie was so willing to take the stroller too- so nice of these guys. 

I'd really like to run another one...without a stroller and see how we do!

Haha, Captain America to save the day!!

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