Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Grandpa's 80th

This past weekend we traveled to Bluewater, New Mexico for my Grandpa Wengert's 80th birthday party! Ever since my grandma died we don't get very many opportunities to go back there anymore so I really cherish the opportunity and hope I can have more opportunities to show my kids what a special place this is to me. Soooo many memories and endless summers there with my cousins, having the time of my life. 

Almost every single one of my aunts, uncles, and cousins were able to be there so it was really fun. It was a long drive, short trip but so worth it. 

I spent many late nights working on a slide show for the program and I have to admit, I love how it turned out. I really enjoyed working on it since there were many old pictures from our ancestors (as far back as 1911!) and I learned a lot about them as a result. It was neat to see pictures that I didn't even know existed too. Once again, the spirit of Elijah is a real thing. I love it. 

These are just a few of my favorite pictures but of course, there were tons in the actual slide show. 

My grandpa is so handsome and such a cute little boy!!

He's also the coolest cowboy you'll ever meet!

Love these old pictures! My Gram had 3 little boys in a row, the third on being my dad, so I feel closer to her since I'm living her life all over again, right now!

My grandma ran off with my grandpa and eloped!! She was the stake president's daughter and ran off with a Mexican! haha. So rebellious! They got sealed in the Mesa Temple a few years later :)

This taken about a year before she was killed in a car accident. I love this picture!

Okay, seriously. My dad is adorable!

My grandpa with his siblings, who are all still alive! Their mom lived to be 102 so they have some longevity in their genes!

I loved being about to see my family as well as tons of cousins. There are 47 grandkids and 20 great grandkids.

Ty, Levi, Ollie, and Shawnda

My mom brought these boys a Spiderman lego set which they fell in love with. She seriously spoils them so much!! When we were leaving Ty said, "Bye Dama! Bring me a surprise again soon!"

On they way home we all traveled to Gallup together and ate lunch at Lottaburger so we could all have our bacon cheeseburgers with green chile. It was so fun to just hang out and talk! The boys kept doing staring contests with everyone, which was pretty funny, and we drew names for Christmas since Derek needs his soon. Even though we all live far apart we truly enjoy spending time together- it's great!

Riggs and Shad

These 3 cousins were reunited once again! It was about 10 pm and I think these babies were delirious! SO CUTE!

We had to stop by the family cemetery to teach Ty about his Uncle Tyrell, who he's named for. He loved seeing it and seemed to understand. The lighting isn't the best but it was such a short trip we didn't have much time. 

And introducing them to my Gram. She passed away when Ty was 6 weeks old. 

Ashley and Beau

We tried so hard to get a picture of my boys with Grandpa and their Great Grandpa. They were tired and cranky from the late night party before. 

My grandpa!

Shad kept playing with Beau's bow and she kept playing with his shoes. 

Quick story- we spent the night in my Uncle Wes' camping trailer. Whenever we all get together there's not much room and people are sleeping anywhere and everywhere they can find a  place. We got home from the party at the church in Grants pretty late so of course, all 3 boys were out and sooo tired. We put them all in the trailer and went inside the house to hang out with the fam and chat the night away. I put tons of pillows around Shad and kept checking on him every so often. I thought he was so tired that he wouldn't move. I felt a little uneasy about it but kept checking. After a while I felt like we should go check on him again so I told TJ it was his turn. They were watching the U of A game and it was almost over so he waited until the last play and then went. He came back with a bloody nose, crying, sad baby- I felt so bad!!!!! He had rolled off onto the hard wood floor, hit his face and was crying in the dark all alone for who knows how long!! I felt so bad but mostly recognized that I hadn't listened to the Spirit!! I felt even worse about that! After assessing his pupils and neuro status and no seizures (haha) I figured he was fine and we were lucky he only got a blood nose. It could've been a lot worse. But I resolved to listen and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost much better!! Poor Shaddie!

We stayed at my Aunt Rinda's house in Cortez Friday night to break up the long drive. She is my Grandma's sister. She's the only sibling left and so sweet and kind with a bit of spunk! I enjoyed visiting with her and getting to know her better and hearing stories about her childhood and parents, Golden Parrish Roundy and Clarinda Whetten. Golden's great grandpa was Shadrach Roundy, who Shad was named after. I also loved it because she had SO many of the same mannerisms, intonations and phrases that she said that was EXACTLY like my Gram. I could close my eyes and almost imagine she was sitting next to me. Even though I miss her SO much and wish I could call her so many times like I used to do it was a nice little tender mercy to feel closer to her by being with her sister. 

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