Monday, September 15, 2014

Life with three boys

I feel like I haven't blogged much lately and it's just because we've been busy but with nothing too impressive or out of the ordinary. TJ had the dreaded convention (that I hate every year ;) for his work the last week of August. It was also the same week that school started back up so his work was awesome and got him a hotel room in SLC so he didn't have to commute since he'd be working 12 hour days with school thrown in there. We missed him- especially the boys- and it was great to have him back home again. 

We've also been busy getting in the routine of school, cub scouts, soccer practice, Giant Steps parent trainings twice a month, swimming lessons, going to the gym everyday (love it!!), and I started a sign language class. I found an awesome deal on ksl where I paid this guy $200 to take over his contract, he paid all the transfer fees and I pay nothing else until Jan. 2016! It includes unlimited day care too so it's so great. I love working out again and focusing on losing these last 10 lbs. TJ and I are doing a 5K next month so it'll be nice to finally be back in running shape. The kids have fun there and that's what Shaddie and I do when Ty and Lev are both at school on Tues/Thurs afternoons. 

The sign language class is just at the Lehi rec center and for some reason, I felt really compelled to sign up for it! Sign literally saved us with Ty and I've always had such an interest in it after learning so much of it with Ty. It's a skill I feel like I should keep up since we got pretty good at it at our house. Ty still says and signs certain words, which is adorable, and so I thought why not. I love taking an actual class too- I miss school!!

All ready for school pictures!! Now I understand why my mom always bought school pics, even when we knew they turn out awful. How can I not buy any?? And they are overpriced too! We'll see how they look- I think it's adorable that his preschool has school pictures. 

Look who's starting to stand!! This little baby is going to be an early walker- we'll see if he beats Ty at 10.5 months!

Our new little puppy who eats all the table scraps! Okay, more like table chunks or meals. Our floor is always covered in food- I have such messy boys!

Cute little underwear cowboy!

Ty's "spin jump" moves. He thinks he's pretty cool, like a superhero when he does this. All I see is him falling between the beds, breaking a limb or knocking his front teeth out. Someday I'll learn my camera settings better and get better pics too. 

Shaddie LOVES suckers! 

These boys are seriously BEST FRIENDS. It becomes more and more apparent as they get older. Of course they fight and tease but honestly, it's pretty rare and doesn't last long. Not like the teasing/fighting relationships I remember with my siblings, haha. They don't get much time together during the week because of school so they almost "cherish" the time they do have together. They often will beg for a few more minutes of playing together before bedtime. 

This was BYOP day- bring your own pillow for the bus :) His bus driver, Miss Angie, suggested bringing it after the first day since he fell asleep the second the best left school. He now falls asleep on it everyday and they keep it in his seat. 

The boys are very proud of their new superhero jackets. They like wearing them whether it's cold or not outside. :)

Ty came home from school like this, asleep. He said he was a little cow. I'm not sure what they did at school but I was amazed by it because he's never tolerated anyone to touch his face let alone have it painted due to sensory issues. So we celebrated for much bigger reasons than just a painted face! 

This little baby started officially crawling on Sept. 5th! It's more like a push-up crawl where he goes down on his stomach and back up to scoot along- pretty cute.  But he's all over the place!

Jessie and Ty waiting for her "special friend" to come. Ty colored a whole picture just for him since his name is Kade- the same as one of the guys on Transformers Rescue Bots. He thinks Kade is a pretty cool guy because of it :) Jessie and Ty have always had a special bond, mostly from when she lived with us and took care of him for so long.

We LOVE costco carts- the best place to nap!

Shoe shopping at Macy's in between Kimberly and Patrick's wedding! Shaddie is an excellent shopping buddy!

Shad and his newest cousin, Dimitri! Shad looks huge next to him! Dimitri was born Aug. 5th, 2014.

One night when TJ was gone at convention and school, me and Lev decided to have a "cheese pizza party" like Ninja Turtles. I just thought it was funny to see Ty eating raisins instead. :) 


Ty's recent sayings:

"Mom! I just love you in the mornings!"

"Levi! You're getting so BIG!"

"Be good, Lev" as he's leaving for school.

"The bus made my bum bum sweaty. But it's dry now" as he's sticking his bum out- far!!

"I only love Mom in the mornings." Again, don't know what it is about mornings and loving me?? He said this to TJ when he wanted me to do something and not TJ :)

"Look Lev!!! A dot from Heavenly Father!!!" super excited as he finds a mole on his arm. He once asked me where they came from and I said something about Heavenly Father making his body. Then he also said, "Mom! A brown kiss from Heavenly Father!" haha.


Levi's recent sayings:

Levi got a note in the mail from his preschool, Kids Village. It was his teacher, Miss MerriLynn and just told him all about how excited she was for the school year and to meet him. Later Lev was reading it to himself and he said, "Dear Levi. I so excited for school. I'm your teacher. You go to Kids Village preschool. Levi is awesome. The End."

In the most monotone voice you can imagine: "Wow. That's amazing."

At night when he's scared of the dark, "It's too dark for me!!!"

"What the heck??" He's been saying this, literally, about 20 times a day!!!!

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