Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Soccer Season

These boys started their first soccer season! Well, it's their first time playing any organized sport really, so TJ was pretty excited since this is basically, his dream come true- his sons playing his favorite sport :) We figured between the two of us, TJ and I could coach their team since Ty might need a little extra help/understanding. Their first game was Saturday and they were EXCITED to say the least! Since we are the coaches they got to be the first to pick out their numbers :) Funny how their age is such a big deal to them. 

We met 30 minutes before the game started to meet the team, finish giving out uniforms and to warm up (this league is great but a little last minute with things!!). The boys did great and loved practicing. But as it came time for the game to start Ty was starting to have a tantrum saying he was sweaty and tired and didn't want to play. This went on the entire first half while Levi would just stand  in the field (literally) while all the kids ran around him and TJ (the coach on the field) holding Ty. For that first 30 minutes I thought this was going to be a disaster and why did we get ourselves into this mess!!?!! 

I took Ty away from the field (luckily Jess was in town and came to watch the games since she was meeting Kade for the weekend and she took Shad) and we talked about how he can calm down and what was bothering him. I let him play on the playground for 10 minutes, drink a Capri Sun that was for after the game and snack on Shad's baby puffs- all 3 of those things were things that I would never allow normally or give into. But I had to realize that Ty was in a brand new social setting, new people, new activity and I had to help him acclimate and adapt. That meant helping him calm down with things that were familiar to him and comforting. 
After that it was time for the last half. Ty ran onto the field, laughing, happy, and smiling and proceeding to play his little heart out for the rest of the game, including scoring 2 goals (in the wrong goal but who's counting??!!). I was so impressed and proud of Ty for calming down and being able to participate and enjoy what all the other kids were doing!! I did notice one mom staring at us the whole time while Ty was crying but I honestly could've cared less. We had a huge extraordinary normal moment 
and I was proud and satisfied. 

After the first half, Levi starting catching on more and running to actually try to get the ball instead of standing there on the field, watching :) 

TJ is SO good with these little kids! Our boys call him "Dad Coach" :)

Since we offered to coach they let Ty and Levi be on the same team, which is nice. There is a division for each age year so Levi really should be on the 3 year old team. Some of the kids on the U4 team are born in 2009 which means some are 2 years older than Levi! But he loves it and thinks he's so grown up and big! He kept pulling his shorts back up since the uniforms are quite big! But it having one team make it much easier for us since our schedule is so crazy right now with TJ in grad school. He won't be able to do weekday practices but a few dads are going to help me do it, plus they are so little is doesn't matter too much :) 

They decided on the name Red Dragons but Ty really wants Red T-Rex Dragons- we might have a problem next week! haha

I also can't believe I'm a real life soccer mom with a van! I seriously don't feel that old and can't believe my babies are growing up! It really is so fun and I love it. I've always imagined what it'd be like watching my future kids play in their sport games and now that day has come and many years of games, meets and matches are ahead of us! It has ONLY BEGUN!

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