Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of School, First Day of School!!

Ty has been SO excited for his first day of his new school, Giant Steps. He reminded me of little Nemo on the first day. He sat right up in bed and said, "Today!??! First day of school, Mom??!" and jumped out of bed and ran to where his new school outfit was laying all spread out. It was pretty cute. 

We were on the waiting list to get into Giant Steps for 2 years and barely made it in. Ty was the last one accepted!! I fasted and prayed for months for him to get in since I felt so strongly that that was where he needed to go after Bridges. Bridges is a newer sister school, patterned after Giant Steps with GS being the original autism preschool here in Utah County. It's actually the best autistic preschool in the STATE and very difficult to get into. Not only does the government pay for him to go but also provides public transportation! So nice for me not to have to load everyone up to drive across town every morning like we did for the past 18 months! Plus, Ty was even MORE excited to ride the BUS!

This is really his 3rd First Day of Preschool picture since he's been going to preschool for 3 years now!! 

Shaddie waiting for the bus with Ty Ty. His bus comes at 8:15 am and he gets dropped off at 4:20 pm so it's a pretty long day, Tuesday- Friday. But he thrives on school and routine and schedule so even though it's long, it's good for him! 

Nice wink!

The bus mixed up his starting date so I took him on his first day of school. He goes to the Saratoga Springs location which is nice since it's not very far. Miss Katie texted me after his first day and said he did great and had a wonderful day. They do ABA and attending here which he did at Bridges so I'm sure he felt good doing familiar things in a new place, with new people. 

With Miss Ann

With Miss Katie (she's married and has a family but it seems like we just call everyone Miss :)

There are 8 special needs preschool kids on his bus with 4 of them being in wheelchairs so it's a good experience for Ty. He sits right in the front next to an aide who helps with all the kids on the bus. His driver is Miss Angie who couldn't be nicer. She called me several days ago and just made me feel super safe with having her take Ty to school everyday. 

Lookin out the window. 
I tried to get a pic as he waved and said "Bye Mom!" through the window. Adorable.

And my baby is off on the bus!!! So proud of him!!

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