Friday, September 26, 2014

Disneyland Overload

Well, we did it. 

We survived a real, grown up vacation with 3 little kids, five days at Disneyland and a 10 hour drive each way. 

Overall, it was awesome. We had so much fun. It wasn't perfect but we weren't expecting it to be. The boys had a blast and were in Superhero heaven. 

On the forever drive home with a baby that hates his carseat, it occurred to me that vacations are a lot like life

During the middle of it, it's often hard, you wonder what the heck you are doing, why did you come and that you're spending way too much money. But as the day or week comes to an end and you're coming home, the hard times fade away and you're only left with the good memories, funny stories and a sense that it was the BEST vacation EVER!

These are the memories that are worth every penny.

I realized this when the boys were grumpy and needed long overdue naps, when it was pretty hot outside and we were sweating like crazy while standing in long lines, while walking for what felt like the millionth mile and our feet were killing us, while Ty was having another meltdown and refused to go on any rides at all (claiming they were too scary), while paying for our $4 churros and $8 corn dogs, with a teething, fussy baby that didn't want to sleep in his pack n play at night and so on and so on. But that's what vacations are all about! Don't we love them!?! :)

The last time we went, it was right before Ty turned 3 so both boys were free. It was a quick little cheap trip since we got free flights and free hotel (Christmas presents). The boys were little and did understand as much. This time was so much different- it was so FUN because the boys got it and were so excited about everything. They LOVED Carsland and thought it was so cool. It was also fun that Ty was 40 inches and could go on almost everything.

After the sell of our last house, we got a big check back from our escrow account. We were going to put it into our backyard for the boys to play in but realized that might not be the best use of it since this house is short term. So we decided to use it to take a trip and make some memories. We frequently travel but it's almost always family related. Rarely have we ever taken a trip for just our family (once) so we decided to fulfill the current dream in our household and meet Superheroes- in person. Big deal around here. 

Since Shaddie made things a little trickier, TJ and I divided and conquered for most of the trip. However, it really was so great getting to spend some one on one time with each boy. I really enjoyed that part of it and didn't even realize it'd be like that until we were there.

I also realized that the last time we were at Disneyland I had had a miscarriage and D&C a week before we came and was so unsure of what the future would bring. If only I could've known the next time we'd come I'd be hangin onto an 8 month old baby I wouldn't have been so worried and stressed about it all. But once again, isn't that life?

Tried to get a picture of Carsland at night but my camera doesn't do it justice. It looks amazing at night!

This trip Levi was all about meeting every character that he could! Ty was (still) afraid of almost all them. He only liked "ones that are real people"- meaning not in a costume, that had a human face. :) Lev could care less and loved them all. I enjoyed standing in line with him, seeing his excitement. The nice thing about it not being too busy is that it was pretty easy to meet tons of characters and the wait wasn't long at all.

Ty was grumpy in this picture. I forget why but that's how come we only see his back. I decided to just take whatever I can get!

This baby turned 8 months old while we were on this trip! He also suddenly decided he doesn't like his pacifier anymore which is fine by me! One less thing to wean off of. He's crawling like crazy but desperately wants to skip it and just go straight to standing. 

Lately, Lev is all about the funny faces.

 Most of the characters and people got quite the kick out of Levi's Captain America get up, complete with the cape. Everyone would point and smile at it. All the characters were pretty entertaining with interacting with the boys too. Amazing how each one can be so different/funny/kind without talking and only using body language.

My favorite holiday ever is Halloween so I was SO happy to go with all the halloween and fall decorations. Disney definitely goes all out- it's incredible all the changes they make for about 6 weeks before the next holiday. 

Even superheroes need Dads to give them a lift. 

These boys got to pick out Mickey ears so it was a no brainer when we saw the Iron Man and Spiderman ones. They were so cute about it and Ty wore it almost 24/7 from that time on.

This was while we were waiting in line in Tomorrowland at the Innovations Building, waiting for the Superhero exhibits to open! They were SOOO excited. 

 Iron Man is still Ty's favorite and they thought he was so cool even if they were disappointed that he wasn't a real person like the others. 

The rest of the trip, Ty kept posing with his hand out like Iron Man. He's using his Repulsor blasters. Yeah, I had no idea either. He learned it from all the Superhero books we read. :)

When we went to see Thor, it was a pretty cool performance. He ended up choosing Levi from out of the crowd to see if he was "choice enough" to lift his hammer. He first offered it to Ty but he was too scared. I thought Levi would be too but he just walked right up there in front of a big crowd and loud music!

Then on to Captain America!

Showing Cap his cape :)

Levi was sooo tired and grumpy while we were waiting in line. I was surprised that once it was our turn he perked right up and was so happy to meet him. These boys really do love their superheroes!

Ty did this really cool Iron Man simulation where the computer put the Iron Man suit on you and you could make it move however you want. Ty thought it was AMAZING. It was pretty funny watching him dance and move all crazy- Ty was really into it. 

I had forgotten what the Haunted Mansion ride was like but figured it couldn't be too scary since it's all changed for the Nightmare before Christmas. Oops. Big mistake. I think we seriously traumatized Ty. Both boys were just crying and hiding their heads on TJ's shoulder with their eyes closed, along with several other little kids on the ride too. :) After that, Ty would say about every other ride, "Is this one really scary too?" Oops.

Do you notice Nemo in almost every single picture? I let Levi pick this little keychain out since the Nemo underwater ride was closed the whole time we were there. The boys were so disappointed. But Lev was happy with his little Nemo and wore it on his pants everyday we were there. :)

This was while we were waiting for a Disney Junior show to start- it actually was pretty neat, I was even impressed! It was a show with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sofia the First. Even though they don't look like it, the boys were dancing and singing and so intent the entire time. :)

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Jen Perkins said...

So, so, so fun! Russ and I were just talking about when we should brave a trip to Disneyland with our kids. Probably won't be for a while, but this makes me pretty excited about it! Cute pics.