Saturday, September 27, 2014

Disney Phone Pics

Here's the picture from the CarsLand Racers- you can see Ty with his head on my lap and eyes closed, haha. (It's a picture of a picture so not the best quality).

Oh the things we did to keep this baby entertained in the car for 10+ hours!!!

This baby was so good- taking naps wherever and just hanging out at Disneyland all day long. 

Shaddie didn't get to go on very many rides and when he did he could basically care less!

The first parade we watched Ty had his head down the entire time and refused to watch. The noise, characters, people everywhere- total sensory overload. But he glanced up and saw Lightning McQueen at the very end and got so excited. He started waving so hard to Lightning and from that time on, he liked parades :)

These parades are pretty amazing- Disney goes all out.

How we traveled around mostly. I was dreaming of a triple stroller this whole trip :)

In line waiting for Iron Man Suit Up simulation. 

We ate a late dinner at Red Robin and I went to change Shad after our meal was almost over. When I came back this is where Levi was- on the ground, fast asleep. He played hard!

8 months old picture for the day! ;)

Levi loves Ferris Wheels- I don't really like being up so high but he sure does! 

My favorite person to hang out with while the older boys went on rides with Dad.

Twice a day on our walk to and from the hotel we would pass this store call RideMakerz in Downtown Disney. It's basically a build-a-bear type of store for cars. It's actually pretty cool and so many ways to customize and build your car. It's also ridiculously expensive, something I would never consider buying. But.... the first time seeing the Iron Man and SpiderMan cars, my boys were in heaven. They talked about them non-stop the entire trip. We told them on the last day of our trip if they were good the entire time they could pick out a souvenir from Disneyland. Out of all the hundreds of options there, they only wanted these cars. For a few days we used the Santa card and said maybe he can bring you one (or Grandma, haha) but each time they'd act up or have a hard time we'd mention the cars and they'd immediately stop and sit still. On the last day they were still so hopefully they could go make their cars. So we gave in after a long talk, finding a coupon, and only getting the very basic stuff, they got to make their cars. They were soooo happy and excited and played with them nonstop while waiting for the parade, on the ride home and since we've been home. 

More princesses from the Little Mermaid restaurant disaster :)

Levi was not wanting to be at a "girl restaurant cause only girls like princesses"- right after dinner we told him he could go make his SpiderMan car so he was pretty anxious to leave and not interested in posing with Belle. 

I was so proud of Ty- by the end of our very last day he was so into the parades, waving like crazy!

 Levi picking out his car- he acted so grown up and serious about putting his car together. 

What happens when you give a baby one Halloween oreo.... and then what happens when you give him TWO oreos!!

We heard amazing things about the World of Colors light show they do at Cali Adventure and really wanted to see it. The only problem was that it started at 9:45 pm! Well, thank goodness for double strollers because we somehow lasted and got to watch it with 3 little sleeping boys. It was awesome and a fun little "date" for TJ and me. 

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