Friday, September 5, 2014

Bunch of Family Pics!

Forgot to post these from our last AZ trip. All my siblings were there except Derek, who's serving an LDS mission in Argentina.

August 2014

Tara- 29
Devin- 26
Dallin- 24
Jessie- 22
Derek- 20 (on a mission)
Jordan- 17
Janae- 15
Tanner- 12

Yeah the pyramid didn't work so well...


At Uncle Paul and Aunt Kaylene's wedding

At Kimberly's wedding

My mom flew up for the wedding so it was fun to hang out with her and Jess.
Kimberly married Patrick on August 23, 2014 in the SLC Temple

TJ's abuelita. She has stage 3 cancer and so we're taking advantage of Sunday dinners together. Her and Roger have a nice little home in Mapleton that the little boys love to run around and play at.

 Shaddie and Abuelita snuggling in the outside hammock. Poor Abuelita is so tired and worn out all the time. She's such a sweet, kind, loving little Colombian lady!

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