Thursday, August 7, 2014

The BIG 3-0!

Well, August 6, 2014- TJ's 30th birthday!!! The boys each had a present for him, wrapped in Avengers wrapping paper, of course. Levi was very excited about his present- a Captain America shirt for TJ. He was adamant about getting it while we were shopping. I think we'll be quietly returning this though, haha.  

I told the boys we could give Dad any type of birthday party they wanted. Ty was determined to give him a "Blue" Birthday. I showed him tons of different options at the party store but he only wanted blue things. So we got blue EVERYTHING- cups, plates, cake, candles, etc. The boys were so excited. :)

TJ went to work for a few hours and then got off early to meet us at Red Robin for a birthday meal. Afterwards we went swimming at the Lehi Rec Center, which is pretty cool. The boys loved it and swam for THREE hours! They played hard. Afterwards we came home and had cake and ice cream- blue cake with strawberry shakes really :) It was a pretty good day! So grateful for TJ and all he does for us. He's such a good man and I always feel so lucky he chose us. Here's to the next 30 years!!!

 Ty sang Happy Birthday very loud and Shaddie was mesmerized by the thirty candles :)

 Couldn't resist this baby swim cap- he kept it on the whole time and looked so adorable. I'm biased, I know but how can you not smile at Shaddie the Shark??

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