Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of Preschool

Levi's whole life has revolved around therapies, interventions and school for Ty. Time after time he's had to watch Ty go off and do fun things while he gets left behind. I've always felt so bad for him, trying to explain why he can't go as he tries not to cry too hard. :(

So at the beginning of the year I was determined to find a preschool for him that would be fun and exciting since I felt like he needed that. Kids Village is perfect for him and exactly what he needs to feel important and special. It's such a cool preschool! Even TJ says even HE would like to go there himself, haha. Lately Levi has been crying while going off to nursery- I have no idea why his separation anxiety is coming back! We've worked so hard on getting over it so I was worried and convinced that he needed to go to preschool even more! Well, today was his first day of school and he was SO EXCITED!! He didn't even glance as me as I told him goodbye! So I'm excited for this school year and know it'll be so good for him. Plus, I love the school that has valet drop off! It even has parent/teacher conferences! haha!

He was so excited to take pictures that he wouldn't stand still very well!

The boys were too distracted looking around to take a picture. In the middle of the school is a giant treehouse- pretty cool!

My big boy Levi!

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